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Last Updated on: 22nd July 2022, 05:43 pm

For any kind of wedding, choosing the perfect invitation card can be a difficult job. Are you too looking for Wedding Cards in Chandigarh? Well, Geniehelpme here helps you to find the best choices. Cards establish the tone for your wedding ceremony and contain all the information about the wedding.

An appropriate invitation card needs to be designed correctly and must fit into your budget. You can create a stunning wedding card by using the appropriate colors, and designs, and keeping within your budget. We have selected the best customised wedding cards in chandigarh that can help you find the most appealing.

Best Wedding Cards In Chandigarh [2022]

wedding cards in chandigarh
wedding cards in chandigarh

We have selected the best wedding card printing near me that will make your wedding day wonderful. Our selected wedding card printing in chandigarh offers free delivery and communication rain or shine. You don’t need to worry about anything – we’ll work with your florist to bring you beautiful flowers that look amazing. They’ve also got a great selection of font types for you to choose from.

=> Heartiee Greetings Wedding Cards In Chandigarh

Heartiee Greetings, a Chandigarh-based wedding invitation company, is located in Chandigarh. They specialize in wedding invitations. They listen carefully to their clients’ needs and deliver what they want. All their clients love and appreciate their work. They are experts in modern invitations. You will be impressed by their wide selection of creative and diverse cards. Heartiee Greetings can help make your wedding invitations memorable and special. Specialization- Digital E- Cards

=> Nimantran Wedding Invitation Cards In Chandigarh

Nimantran, a distinguished designer, is known for his classic yet contemporary designs. Nimantran wedding cards in chandigarh create quirky designs that reflect the current trend as well as traditional designs. The card is created by a talented team of artists. Handmade cards and scrolls, fancy gift boxes, envelopes and many other services.

=> The Pink Umbrella Wedding Invitation Cards In Chandigarh

The Pink Umbrella is a vendor that can create a variety of handmade wedding cards. The Pink Umbrella is a mom-daughter duo based in Chandigarh. They are an absolute joy to work with and a pleasure to have as friends. Their passion is infectious and their team makes sure that clients are satisfied. If you feel that they are the right people to help you with your wedding cards, you should give them permission! Services offered: Unboxed invitations Boxed invitations Funky and offbeat invitations Modern invites Traditional

=> Taj Printers Wedding Cards Printers In Chandigarh

Taj Printers Chandigarh is a master at creating a first impression. They can personalize your wedding cards to make them stand out. As the beginning of a beautiful journey, wedding cards are an important part of a couple’s lives. Each card is custom-made by Taj wedding cards Printers in chandigarh according to your budget and requirements. The best quality paper and stationery is used to create the most stunning card for you. Taj Printers also designs boxes, shagun envelopes, wine bags, and other products.

=> Azad Hind Store Wedding Cards Printers In Chandigarh

The Azad Hind Store can be found in the heart of Chandigarh. You can choose from a wide range of wedding cards to welcome your guests. They offer a mix of Christian, Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu wedding cards. Each card is made to suit your budget and can be customized with the right pattern or content.

Some Reasons Why They Are Best Wedding Cards In Chandigarh

=> Customized Wedding Cards In Chandigarh

Wedding cards are an important part of any wedding. They’re an opportunity to share a special moment with your family and friends. And they’re a great way to let your guests know that you’re eager to celebrate with them on the day itself.

We know the importance of making sure your wedding cards design is perfect. We want them to be unique and attention-grabbing, so we work closely with our florist and designers to ensure each card is exactly right for you.

To make sure our listed ones get it right, they need quality materials and a detailed process for creating every card. That’s why they use only top-quality paper, the glue that won’t run or tear, and skilled printing of wedding cards in chandigarh.

=> Great Selection Of Fonts

We’ve got a great selection of fonts available to help you make the right selection of wedding invitation cards in chandigarh. You can find many different fonts in our store that are perfect for all your wedding cards. These include:

  • Wangan & Stars (pink)
  • Wangan and Stars (gold)
  • Razzleberry Sundae (black)
  • Artists’ Choice (white)
  • Butterfly Garden (red)
  • The Shopkeeper’s Assistant (burgundy)

=> Design Is Sure To Impress

We aim to give you a wedding card that you’ll love. Our design is sure to impress and will make your wedding day extra special. We strive to deliver the best possible cards for you at a very affordable price.

=> The Best Part Is The Fast Delivery Time

Our selected wedding card printing chandigarh wants to make your wedding day the most memorable one ever. We guarantee that you will be delivered with your cards within a business day of ordering. We aim to make sure that we deliver your cards on time and on a budget so that you can actually use them as soon as possible!

Wedding Cards in Chandigarh are bespoke, which means we have a lot of experience in creating unique wedding cards for our customers. Our custom design process is very detailed, so we’ll work with you personally to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

About Wedding Card Printers In Chandigarh

One wishes to include the best of all when it comes to Indian weddings. Invitations are sent out to family, well-wishers, and friends long before the D-day to invite them to the wedding. Invitation cards can be sent by mail, email, or in-person to invite your guests to a wedding. Professional printers can design a marriage invitation card, or the hosts can create it. You can find many wedding card designs online, but it is also possible to hire a professional printer.

You have the option of a classic, elegant card or one that includes a gift such as sweets or chocolates. You can add a personal touch to your invitation with favors, treats, or gift bags. Scroll down to see a complete list of Chandigarh Wedding Card Printers that you can contact.

customised wedding cards in chandigarh
customised wedding cards in chandigarh

What Should You Include In An Invitation Card?

With weddings, invitation cards have become elegant and extravagant. Indian customs include the use of different languages, and you should consider the languages you’d like your invitation card to appear in. When you select the wedding card, be sure to include the following information:

  1. An appropriate start by naming the person being the hosts of the event.
  2. Names of the groom and bride in beautiful big letters.
  3. The date and time of the wedding clearly written.
  4. The most crucial information to include is the address. Be sure to provide the correct address, along with the required landmarks.
  5. It’s crucial to concentrate on the wedding invitation’s wording invitation as any slight error could ruin the entire invitation

Invitations to weddings ready-to-send generally weigh less than one 1 ounce and include 2-4 cards. Wedding invitations are the principal card inside the envelope. It will inform your guests of the who is who, what, when, and whereabouts the wedding will take place. Additionally, there are other materials like reception cards, response cards as well as directions, and more. These cards convey important details to guests and determine the tone of the party.

=> Newest Wedding Cards Invitation Fashions

There are many innovative and creative methods to design wedding cards in Chandigarh.

  1. Watercolor invitations are the latest variation to the trend of creating wedding invitations. They’re dreamy and vibrant they have everything you’d want for a wedding card.
  2. Blend and combine the classic design in “Ik Onkar” with deckle edges. It gives a soft and delicate charm to your cards while retaining the classic look.
  3. You can make an invitation that is custom-designed for your wedding made of metal. It is possible to engrave your names on the perfect copper plate and add a lovely flair to the wedding stationery.

Which Are Distinctive Favors For An Invitation?

In Indian custom, favors are given along in invitation cards. If you feel that sending dry fruit and chocolates are a little too traditional, there are plenty of other invite-only items you can pick from:

  • Candles with scents are a great option to use and pack in a beautiful way. They’re also pocket-friendly. It is possible to choose the perfect rose or lavender scent that you can use and also make a unique appearance.
  • Customized mugs are a popular idea for favors for an invitation. It is possible to print the photos of the couple or even print a lovely quote on the mug. It’s useful and will always remind you of your beloved ones about the memorable moment.
  • Exotic tea sets are an excellent idea to substitute sweets. It can be useful for your health-conscious family members of yours. It’s enjoyable and healthy and you can pick from various flavors like kiwi or green apple.

Wedding Invitation Design & Information

Wedding invitations should always include the couple’s names, dates and time, as well as the location where the ceremony and reception are scheduled to be held.

They also reflect the theme of the wedding. Imagine your guests receiving invitations with a rustic design or the exotic getaway invitation kit. Do your invitations tell the story you would like them to tell? Include other important details like dress code information or where you can find the gift registry.

Types Of Wedding Card Printing In Chandigarh

A gorgeous wedding card can set the mood for your wedding. It also gives your guests an initial glimpse of what your wedding is going to be! So if your sights are set on a contemporary event it is possible that you are planning the perfect invitation that is suited. From bold colors or alternative materials, and even entirely custom-designed playful shapes. We review our top trends for modern wedding invitations. These invitations remain on the topic and are more original than any other.

=> Printed Vellum Gatefold Wrap

The vellum translucent paper will remain popular throughout the years 2020-2021. Whatever your style and budget, this lightly-sheer paper is a great method to create texture as well as an attraction for your invitations to weddings, such as these elegant gatefolds printed with vellum.

=> Vellum Overlay Invitations

Vellum is a fantastic wrapping or overlay to wrap your wedding invitations. It is possible to choose any theme you would like to display under your wedding invitations including floral designs, and playful watercolor patterns to the design of your venue. The vellum overlay invitation looks more stylish when paired with virtually all kinds of decorations that include metallic inks to exquisite sealing seals with wax, tassels, and ribbons

=> Geometric Shapes

If you’re looking for something fresh and a bit fashionable, you should consider sending geometric invitations. Exploring patterns, colors, and shapes, your invitations will be more exciting than these personalized geometric designs.

=> Acrylic Wedding Stationery

Don’t think that wedding invitation made of acrylic disappear in the near future. The clear material is stylish and sophisticated, which is why it makes the perfect stationery for minimalist and modern weddings. It is easy to personalize by applying flowers or marbled colors around the text.

Services Offered By Wedding Card Shops In Chandigarh

=> Boxed Invitation Cards 

Boxed invitations are perfect for formal events. They are designed with a clean and modern look, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. Boxed invitations are also very affordable, so you can afford to give your guests the best possible experience.

If you’re looking for a designer to help with your boxed invitations, you can trust the professionals at an invitation card printer like Prints 4 Less. Our selected team of experts will help you select the perfect design for your event, and we’ll print your boxes on high-quality paper stock. You’ll be able to get personalized boxes, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

=> Unboxed Invite Cards

Our selected wedding card printing chandigarh offers a wide range of wedding invitation cards, including both traditional and contemporary designs. Unboxed Invite Cards also offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to upload your own logo or photograph. The company’s professional staff is available to help you choose the perfect design for your wedding invitations.

=> Digital E-Invite

Couples are increasingly sending digital e-invitations and videos to friends and family via WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media sites. E-invites can be used to send invites to anyone with whom you are digitally connected.

=> Invitation Cards Only

Many wedding card suppliers also offer card design options. You can choose the design-only option if you like their past work but would prefer to have it printed or prepared with a different printer.

We wish you a great Married life ahead!

Conclusion – Wedding Cards In Chandigarh

We hope you like these wedding card vendors listed by We have carefully curated a list of vendors to provide you with the best wedding cards in chandigarh for all your wedding cards needs. From traditional to contemporary, these vendors will help make your wedding cards dreams a reality.Uniquely these wedding card vendors will help make your wedding cards unique and special. So please do not hesitate to contact them for a quote.

FAQ – Wedding Cards In Chandigarh

What paper types are best for printing wedding cards?

Our Selected Wedding card printing chandigarh uses a variety of papers, including matte, parchment, and marbled paper, glossy, handmade, linen, and glossy.

Is there a minimum quantity of printed wedding cards?

Each printer has a minimum order quantity. Orders below this amount will not be accepted.

What’s the average cost of wedding invitation cards in Chandigarh?

Surprised to learn that you can find wedding invitation cards starting at Rs. From Rs. 10 per card up to Rs. 2000 or more The number of cards you order will also affect the price. You will need to choose your requirements from the many options available, including boxed, unboxed, digital, e-card, or just the wedding invitation card design. Our listed ones offer Chandigarh wedding invitation card designs and printers at all price points, from budget to premium.

When should one start giving invitations?

Although it depends on family to family, traditionally, you can start sending the wedding invites between six to eight weeks before the marriage or even one month before. The invitation should be ordered after the location of the wedding and the date are finalized, and once you decide on an RSVP contact

Which printing style is fastest?

Digital printing is the fastest. Printing can take several weeks for other methods. For the best results, it is recommended to contact one of Chandigarh’s most popular printers for wedding cards as soon as possible.

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