International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of women across the globe and recognize their contributions to society. As part of our efforts to honor this occasion, our team has conducted extensive research to identify the top 10 states in India that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to empowering women through education.

After careful analysis of the data, we are proud to announce that Gujarat has emerged as the top state in India in terms of providing scholarships to women. With many initiatives and programs aimed at promoting women’s education, Gujarat has set a shining example for the rest of the country to follow.

Through its progressive policies and dedicated efforts, Gujarat has successfully created an enabling environment that supports women’s education and empowers them to achieve their full potential. We applaud the state for its unwavering commitment to advancing gender equality and look forward to seeing more states follow in its footsteps

No 1 . Gujarat

Gujarat, known for its rich culture and entrepreneurial spirit, has emerged as the leading state in India for providing scholarships to women. We have conducted a thorough analysis of the allocation of scholarships in various forms across India and are pleased to announce that Gujarat has ranked as the number 1 state in terms of granting scholarships to women. Gujarat has granted 34 scholarships to deserving women, a remarkable achievement highlighting the state’s commitment to girl power and promoting women’s education. This accomplishment is a testament to the efforts made by the government and educational institutions in Gujarat to ensure that women have access to quality education, enabling them to pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential. Gujarat’s success in promoting women’s education sets a precedent for other states to follow in their pursuit of gender equality and education for all.

Gujarat Scholarships

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Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojana
Scholarships to the Disabled Students
Post SSC Scholarship for Girls (NTDNT),
Post SSC Scholarship for Girls (SEBC)
Food Bill Assistance to SC Students
Food Bill Assistance for Medical/Engineering Students (SEBC),
Educational Assistance for NTDNT Students Studying in Self-Financed College
Higher Secondary Scholarship (Minority)
Fellowship Scheme for M.Phil. and PhD Students (SEBC)
Swami Vivekanand Stipend Scheme for Technical and Professional Courses (NTDNT)
Swami Vivekanand Stipend Scheme for Technical and Professional Courses (EBC)
Swami Vivekanand Stipend Scheme for Technical and Professional Courses (Minority)
Instrumental Assistance for Medical, Engineering, and Diploma Students (SEBC)
Higher Education Scheme
Scholarships to SC Students for ITI/Professional Studies
Post Metric Scholarship for SC Students
Post Metric Scholarship for ST Students
Fellowship Scheme, Gujarat
Research Scholarship, Gujarat
Swami Vivekanand Stipend Scheme for ITI Courses
Scholarship for the Students of Government Colleges
War Concession Scheme,
EBC Fees Exemption Scheme
Instrumental Help to SC Students (Medical, Engineering, Diploma Courses),
Post Metric Scholarship for OBC students
Fellowship Scheme for M.Phil. & PhD (SC) Students
Post Matric Scholarship for ST Girl Students
Scholarship for Students Studying at Dr. Ambedkar or Indira Gandhi Open University (SEBC)
Food Bill Assistance in College Attached Hostels
Higher Secondary Scholarship (SEBC)
Instrumental Assistance for First-year Students of Medical/Engineering/Diploma Courses
Special Scholarship for Boys and Girls Students

No 2. Maharashtra 

Maharashtra came on the second position on a list by granting a total of 26 scholarships to women, which is commendable. This achievement reflects the state’s commitment to promoting women’s education and empowerment. Maharashtra’s efforts have provided women with access to quality education and skill development opportunities, which in turn have enabled them to excel in their chosen fields. Maharashtra’s dedication to women’s education is praiseworthy, and we hope that other states follow in their footsteps. This success story of Maharashtra can act as a catalyst to encourage more women to pursue higher education and become successful in their lives.

Maharashtra Scholarships

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Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to VJNT Students
Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to SBC Students,
Post-Matric Scholarship to SBC Students
Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna
Jawaharlal Nehru University Scheme
Education Concession to the Children of Ex-Servicemen
Education Concession to Children of Freedom Fighter
Vocational Education Fee Reimbursement
Vocational Education Maintenance Allowance to ST Students
Government Vidyaniketan Scholarship
Government Research Adhichatra
Maintenance Allowance for SC Students in Professional Courses
Maintenance Allowance to VJNT and SBC Students in Professional Courses
Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to OBC Students
Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to ST Students
Post Matric Scholarship Scheme Government of India
Chief Minister Fellowship (CMF) Program
Government of India Post-Matric Scholarship for SC Students
Post Matric Scholarship to OBC Students
Post-Matric Scholarship for Persons with Disability
Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Shulk Shishyavrutti Yojna
Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Merit Scholarship
Post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee (Freeship)
Post-Matric Scholarship to VJNT Students
Eklavya Scholarship
State Government Daxshina Adhichatra Scholarship

No 3. Kerala

With Kerala ranking third in our assessment of states that provide scholarships to deserving females, the state’s commitment to equality and empowerment is evident. To date, 16 scholarships have been issued by this state – highlighting its dedication toward providing access to quality education for women and equipping them with opportunities for advancement. Educational bodies such as the government in Kerala along with educational institutions have played an integral role not only providing such opportunities but also assisting female citizens towards realizing their aspirations while contributing positively toward society at large scale.

Kerala Scholarships

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ITC Fee Reimbursement Scholarship
C H Muhammedkoya Scholarship
APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship (APJAK)
Prof. Joseph Mundassery Scholarship Award (PJMS)
Mother Teresa Scholarship (MTS)
CA/ICWA/CS Scholarship (IWCS),
District Merit Scholarship (DMS)
State Merit Scholarship,
Sanskrit Scholarship (SSE),
Muslim Nadar Girls Scholarship
Music Fine Arts Scholarship (MFAS)
Blind/PH Scholarship,
Hindi Scholarship (HS)
Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship (SJMS)
Post-Matric Scholarship (PMS) for Minorities
Central Sector Scholarship (CSS),

No. 4 Odisha

 Odisha is the fourth state to make it onto our list of top states for granting scholarships to deserving females. The state has thus far provided 15 scholarships, demonstrating its dedication to enhancing female education and development. The government and educational institutions in Odisha have been instrumental in facilitating access to quality education for women, enabling them to realize their ambitions. Through this initiative, the state has experienced positive repercussions on social and economic development.  

Odisha Scholarships

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Junior Merit Scholarship (Medhabruti)
Senior Merit Scholarship (Medhabruti)
Post Graduate Merit Scholarship (Medhabruti)
Technical and Professional Merit (Medhabruti)
PRERANA- Post-Matric Scholarship for SC
PRERANA- Post-Matric Scholarship for ST
PRERANA- Post-Matric Scholarship for OBC/SEBC
PRERANA- Post-Matric Scholarship for EBC
Pre-Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Post-Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Prof. Ghanshyam Dash Scholarship for Higher Education
Scholarship to Meritorious Students under Central Sector Scheme
Vidyadhan Scholarship Program (Odisha) (1st and 2nd year)
Vyasa Kabi Fakir Mohan Senapati Scholarship
Financial Assistance to Sportspersons

No. 5 Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, one of the five outstandingly successful states in granting scholarships to deserving women, has set an admirable example for others. With scholarships out thus far, it is evident that this state takes great pride in advancing female empowerment and skill development. Through the efforts of both state officials and educational institutions, Himachal Pradesh has successfully empowered female citizens by equipping them with the necessary training that enables success in their chosen endeavors. These initiatives have moreover inspired societal progress along with economic prosperity as well.

Himachal Scholarships

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Indira Gandhi Utkrisht Chatravriti Yojana,
Maharishi Balmiki Chatravriti Yojana Himachal Pradesh
Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP), Himachal Pradesh
Centrally Sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for ST (Scheduled Tribes) Students
Dr. Ambedkar Post-Matric Scholarship for EBC (Economically Backward Class) Students
Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE)
Mukhya Mantri Protsahan Yojana Himachal Pradesh
Centrally Sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for OBC (Other Backward Class) Students
Kalpana Chawla Chatravriti Yojana, Himachal Pradesh
Centrally Sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC (Scheduled Caste) students
Thakur Sen Negi Utkrisht Chatravriti Yojana
Sterling and Wilson Solar Scholarship for Class 11th Students
Swami Vivekanand Utkrisht Chatravriti Yojana for OBC Students

No 6. Haryana

Haryana has generously bestowed 12 scholarships to women, lending testament to the sovereign commitment of the state towards elevating female education and empowerment. Educational establishments in Haryana have been instrumental in offering access to quality learning opportunities for females that could cater to their aspirations and ultimately facilitate the attainment of lofty goals. With initiatives such as these having had a triumphant impact on improving social progress and economic growth – it is evident that this endeavor has had an illustrious effect!

Haryana Scholarship

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Pre-Matric Scholarship
Dr Ambedkar Medhavi Chhattar Sansodhit Yojna
Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC ,OBC
Financial Assistance for Higher Competitive entrance examinations to SC/BC candidates through private institutions
Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Minority Students
Free Books and Uniform to Children
Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship for excellence in education, Haryana
Monthly Stipend for BPL & BC-A students
Cash Award Scheme for SC
Haryana State Meritorious Incentive Scheme
Annusuchit Jati Chhatra Ucch Shiksha Protsahan Yojna
Promotion of Science Education (POSE) Scholarship

No 7. Meghalaya

Meghalaya, our seventh-ranked state in terms of its record of providing scholarships to worthy women, exemplifies the state’s dedication to enhancing educational opportunities for women. To date, ten scholarships have been conferred upon Meghalaya residents – an indication that the government is committed to facilitatiMeghalaya’s government and educational institutions have been vigorous in inciting women to gain access to cutting-edge education, assuring that they obtain the requisite expertise and knowledge required for success. Meghalaya’s endeavors in equipping females with an education have been of immense aid toward advancing welfare as well as skill development for female students.

Meghalaya Scholarship

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Meghalaya Border Areas Scholarship.
Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Children – Pre-Matric Scholarship.
Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Children – Post-Matric Scholarship.
Special Scholarship Scheme Ishan Uday for NER.
DBT-Research Associateship in Biotechnology and Applied Biology.
Combined Counseling Board Scholarship.
Free Studentship Scholarship.
Book Grant Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe.
Pre-Matric Scholarship Tribe for General Students.
State Merit Scholarship.

No 8. Mizoram

Mizoram, a state in India renowned for its generosity and philanthropic tendencies, has bestowed 9 scholarships on female students as a testament to its commitment to supporting women through education. District and local governments have been instrumental in facilitating females to acquire skills necessary for attaining their ambitions; this is reflected by the quality of scholarship recipients who exhibit proficiency in subjects such as literature, economics, and matrimonial practices.Through its initiatives, the State of Mizoram has achieved significant gains in assisting women with education. Through these endeavors, leaps, and bounds have been made toward enhancing their quality of life.

Mizoram Scholarship

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Pre-matric scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority
Post-matric scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority
Merit cum means scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority
Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (RGNF) for SC/ST
INSPIRE Scholarship
Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority
NEC Merit Scholarship

No .9 Delhi

Delhi is the ninth state on our list of top states that have granted scholarships to deserving women. Delhi has granted a total of 8 scholarships to girls Delhi has implemented several initiatives aimed at empowering women through education, including the ‘Dilli Swabhiman Yojna’ and the ‘Swami Vivekanand Scholarship Scheme’. These initiatives provide financial assistance to girls from economically weaker sections of society to pursue their education and skill development. Moreover, the Delhi government has set up ‘Mahila Mohalla Clinics’, providing healthcare facilities exclusively for women, further supporting their health and wellbeing.

Delhi Scholarship

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Reimbursement of Tuition Fee for SC/ST/OBC/Minority
Financial Assistance to SC/ST/OBC/Minority
Award/Merit Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority (Class 1 to 12)
Merit award to SC/ST/OBC/Minority
Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for OBC Students ,SC Aspirants
Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Aspirants ,SC Aspirants
Financial Assistance to Educationally Backward Minority Aspirants
Delhi Ladli Scheme

No 10. Goa

Goa, a small but vibrant state on India’s western coast, has secured the 10th spot in granting women scholarships. Despite being one of the smallest states in the country, Goa has made remarkable progress in promoting women’s education. With a total of 7 scholarships granted, the state has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring that women have equal opportunities to pursue their educational goals. Goa has always been a state that values education, and its education system is among the best in the country. The state government has implemented various policies and programs to promote education, especially for girls. These efforts have paid off, as more and more women are now enrolling in schools and colleges in Goa. The state has also taken several steps to ensure that girls from underprivileged backgrounds have access to education. The government has set up schools and hostels for girls from economically weaker sections, providing them with a safe and supportive environment to pursue their studies.

Goa Scholarship

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DCT Scholarship Scheme,
Goa Education Trust Scholarship, UK
Vidyadhan Scholarship Program,
National Talent Search Exam (NTSE)
Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY)
Post-Matric Scholarships Scheme For Minorities
Pre Matric Scholarships Scheme For Minorities


In conclusion, our research has highlighted the significant role that scholarships play in promoting women’s education in India. The fact that Gujarat has emerged as the top state in providing scholarships to female students is a testament to the state’s commitment to women’s empowerment and education.

It is heartening to see the progress that has been made towards gender equality in education in India. However, there is still a long way to go before we can truly achieve equal opportunities for women in all areas of society. We hope that this report will serve as a call to action for other states and governments to prioritize women’s education and create more opportunities for female students.

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of women in India and around the world. We must continue to work together towards a future where women have equal access to education, opportunities, and success.