Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment between two people, and for many, the bigger, the better. But when it comes to the most expensive weddings in the world, the numbers can be astronomical. From celebrity nuptials to royal ceremonies, the costs of these grand events can reach millions of dollars. In this report, we take a look at some of the most opulent weddings in history, exploring the lavish details, extravagant expenses, and fascinating facts behind each one.

From the most expensive dress to the most luxurious venue, we dive into the world of big budget weddings and see what it takes to make a day truly unforgettable. Whether you’re planning your own big day or simply curious about the world’s most extravagant nuptials, this report is sure to provide an eye-opening look at the most expensive weddings in the world.

How Much Does A Luxury Wedding Cost?

Weddings vary in cost and rituals depending on culture and traditions.

In 2019, the average cost of a wedding in the United States was $29,200, making it the most expensive in the world.

If your ambitions for a regal and opulent wedding are strong, it’s time to buckle down and prepare yourself for an enriching financial commitment – some of them can be quite costly!

A luxurious wedding can cost up to $100,000, not including guest prices.

A luxurious wedding requires more than just a high cost per guest, but also requires perfection, style, and uniqueness.

Royal weddings are traditionally luxurious, with large budgets and extravagant decorations, dresses, performances and cakes, capturing the attention of the world.

In 1981, the luxurious and unprecedented wedding of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Princess Salama cost an estimated $ 100 million to plan- with a 20,000-seat stadium constructed for the duration.

Most Expensive Weddings Of The World

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people and are usually associated with love, happiness, and joy. But for some, the big day is not just about the exchange of vows, it’s about putting on the most extravagant and opulent celebration the world has ever seen. These grandiose celebrations come with a hefty price tag, with some reaching millions of dollars. From private islands to diamond-studded wedding gowns, and celebrity performances, these weddings spare no expense. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most expensive weddings the world has ever seen.

1=> Said & Khadija Number one = $1billion Dallor

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Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 21

Said and Khadija is a couple who kicks off our list of the most expensive weddings in the world. These lovebirds spared no expense for their big day and created a celebration that was fit for royalty In March 2016, 28-year-old Mikhail Gutseriev, son of a Russian oligarch, married 20-year-old Khadija Uzhakhovs in a lavish “hyper wedding”.An opulent wedding has cost one billion dollars, seven times more than the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.600 guests attended a luxurious reception hosted by Mikhail Gutseriev at the Moscow restaurant Safisa, featuring Rolls Royces and walls decorated with fresh flowers.

 Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding 

  • For the bride, a stunning custom creation designed by renowned fashion designer Elie Saab was selected. Estimated at over $1 million dollars, this intricate confection of lace and pearls proved to be an arduous task for its elaborate train had to be carried with assistance. It is said that her opulent crown’s cost surpasses five million dollars!
  • The cake was 12 feet high with nine tiers of white icing decorated with pink flowers.
  • Khadija’s dress was imported from Paris, and was very heavy due to its train and embellishment, requiring several people to help her move it.
  • Guests journeyed to the magnificent nuptials in an impressive cavalcade of opulent automobiles including Rolls-Royces which were arrayed neatly in front of the venue hours prior to the event.
  • Jennifer Lopez was paid $1 million to perform for the president of Turkmenistan in 2013.

2=> Rajeev Reddy & Brahmani Janardhana Reddy – 550 million

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Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 22

Gali Janardhan Reddy married his daughter to Rajeev Reddy, the son of a wealthy businessman. The nuptials were solemnized in India at the renowned Bangalore Palace Grounds with over 50,000 attendants witnessing this exceptional occasion which came with a hefty price tag of $67 million for 2016.

This allocation was utilized to send every guest a personalized CG invitation on a mini-LCD screen, which in true Bollywood fashion culminated in an extraordinary performance by the Reddy family. Accompanying it was an exquisitely crafted Ganesha figurine fashioned from silver.

 Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding 

  • An opulent ceremony took place despite India’s financial instability, caused by the government’s decision to demonetize 80% of the money in circulation.. Despite these uncertainties, Reddy could not be persuaded to spend such an exorbitant sum on his daughter’s wedding- she donned a stunning Kanjeevaram sarithat cost $2.3 million without including its frame – along with over twelve million dollars worth of jewels adorning her exquisite self!
  •  Reports from various fashion portals indicate that Brahmani’s Kanjeevaram saree worn for the actual wedding ceremony was estimated to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of Rs 17 crore.
  •   Brahmani’s jewelry, reportedly worth Rs 90-98 crore, included a diamond-encrusted headgear, waistband, bajuband, and necklace.
  • The wedding was held at the Bengaluru Palace Grounds and 36 acres of land were transformed to look like the Vijaya Nagara Empire. The details of the reception are yet to be revealed.
  • Brahmani wore a gold Kanjeevaram saree worth an estimated Rs 70 crore at her engagement ceremony, and the couple looked adorable in their similar outfits.

3=> Isha Ambani & Anand Piramal – $100 million

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Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 23

Isha Ambani’s wedding was an elaborate affair, fittingly reminiscent of a traditional Indian ritual. Her pre-wedding festivities were held at Hotel Udaivilas in Udaipur, Rajasthan’s most picturesque tourism destination. The City of Lakes – one of India’s leading event management companies – coordinated her multi-million dollar celebrations; which came with a lavish 450 crore bungalow as an exorbitant gift from the bridegroom and his family!

According to recent reports, pontoons and boats constituted the principal motif of the pre-wedding ceremony in Udaipur City. One massive pontoon was constructed on one bank of Lake Pichola while another provided ample space for 1,000 guests at Hotel Udaivilas Ghat.

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • The extravagant wedding invitations cost an eye-popping Rs 3,00,000  each and are dazzled with bejeweled necklaces and stones in a two-tier floral container.
  • The nuptials of Isha Ambani, the heiress of Reliance Industries Ltd, was one for the record books. From dozens of chartered flights to thousands upon thousands of luxury cars and upwards-of-five-star hotels reserved – it was without a doubt an unprecedented Indian event in 2018. And yet, nothing could have prepared us for what transpired at her grandest wedding ever: Anand Piramal’s marriage to his beautiful bride!
  • Beyoncé, the captivating American popstar, ignited flames in Udaipur with a private concert. According to previous estimates, she charges $3-4 million for each performance – equivalent to Rs 21-28 crores!
  • Other noteworthy figures who were in attendance included Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister Khalid al-Falih, steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, cricketing superstar Sachin Tendulkar – Chairman of Tata Sons and Ratan Tata grandees; Raymond Group Gautam Singhania.
  • In recognition of Udaipur’s hospitality, the Ambani family bestowed food for 5100 people who can now enjoy three regular meals daily for four days.
  • Moreover, an exclusive Swadesh Bazaar was established to assist local artisans. According to the declaration issued by a Reliance Foundation initiative, this special venue provided an opportunity for 108 distinct Indian arts and crafts from across the nation’s varied regions to be displayed for national and international visitors.

4=> Prince Charles & Diana – $48 million

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Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 24

Despite its legendary status, the union of Prince Charles and Princess Diana remains an unprecedented event. 3,500 guests were granted access to a singular occasion; 750 million viewers witnessed it in real time via televised coverage – which has led commentators to dub this ‘the wedding of all time’.

On the wedding day of Princess Diana, the celebration took on a lavish display of 10,000 precious gems totaling an estimated $150,000. Gaze upon her opulent wedding gown: it was fashioned from 25-foot-long training made up of priceless pearls and even boasted a glass coach for transportation to the cathedral! In addition to this grandeur came heightened security measures as well as 27 different varieties of wedding cakes tailored specifically for their exorbitant budget – don’t forget about these extravagant expenses!

On July 29, 1981, the union of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer was celebrated at St Paul’s Cathedral located in London, England. The grand occasion saw the attendance of around 3500 guests and had a total expenditure of $110 million.

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • The slice of the wedding cake from Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s nuptials has fetched a staggering USD 2,565!
  • A recently unearthed slice of cake from Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s iconic wedding has ascended to a lofty USD 2,565 at an auction – surpassing 40 years since the fairy-tale union occurred!.
  • The generous slice comes from one of the 23 official wedding cakes afforded to members of the British royal family at their nuptials.
  • Delicate, detailed sugared motifs of the royal coat of arms are delicately embroidered into this piece of cake icing and marzipan base. Featuring a vivid array of rich gold, red, blue, and silver hues – it depicts an intricately crafted depiction fitting for any exquisite confectionary delicacy!
  • Moya-Smith, an employee of the Queen Mother’s staff, safeguarded it with cling film and dated its creation day as July 29th, 1981.

5=> Prince Harry And Meghan Markle – £32 million

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Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 25

The Royal Couple’s dream wedding was undoubtedly an extravagant affair, costing a staggering $45 million. But, much of the bill went to funding their opulent security arrangements for their monumental union: Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace as venues for the ceremony; followed immediately by a sumptuous lunch hosted by Her Majesty at her residence – Windsor Castle!

On their wedding evening, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted a sophisticated gathering at Frogmore House, where only guests deemed reliable were in attendance. The event featured exquisite cuisine crafted by the renowned British designer Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy Couture. In addition to designing the bride and groom’s fashionable footwear, Waight Keller also created the bridal gowns worn by Princesses Camilla and Elizabeth Kate on their respective wedding days

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  •  According to CBS News, the cost of Prince Harry’s nuptials surpassed that of his brother Prince William’s – amounting to $34 million as reported by CNBC in 2011.
  •  Security measures for a UK wedding are estimated to cost $40.1 million, accounting for 94% of the total budget.
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was estimated to bring 80m into the UK economy.
  • Meghan reportedly paid 110,000 for her custom Givenchy wedding gown.
  • Thames Valley’s police and crime commissioner estimated the cost of police presence at a wedding to be between 2 and 4 million.

6 => Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia – $66 million

Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 26

Indeed, expectations were met with the announcement that Lakshmi Mittal had gifted her daughter Vanisha a lavish wedding ceremony unlike any other; before the event itself took place at Versailles Palace. An engagement party was held beforehand as part of a grand celebration.

International recording artist and actress Kylie Minogue fetched a hefty sum of $330,000 for just half an hour of stage performance. Following this, a fireworks display took place at the Eiffel Tower – with over 1,000 guests in attendance! The cost of travel was covered according to reports; however, their marriage ended shortly thereafter – leaving no trace behind other than an ornately crafted invitation to their wedding.

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal celebrated their engagement in a grand and glamorous wedding in Paris.
    The wedding was filled with opulence and glitz and had a Bollywood theme.
    The wedding was too extravagant to be captured on film.
  • An array of luminaries from across the globe, Indian elites, Bollywood stars, and renowned personalities were in attendance. Some even dazzled onlookers with their presence; others added sparkle to the event with their mehndi creations or culinary prowess! Designers Tarun Tahiliani, Suneet Varma, and Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla created wedding ensembles. Farah Khan taught jhatka and Kylie Minogue was paid 200,000 pounds for a 30-minute show. The Mittal family lavished guests at their sangeet celebration featuring a lively drama written by Javed Akhtar.
  • The grand and splendid engagement ceremony that ensued on the following day at Versailles’s opulent Palace featured a French-operatic performance, along with Moulin Rouge-inspired acrobatics.
  • Bollywood actors performed a spoof on the Mittals which was met with mixed reactions. Shah Rukh Khan was paid 300,000 pounds for his performance.
  • The wedding was held at the Vaux le Vicomte estate with a mandap constructed by 35 craftsmen from Mumbai. Elephants made of fiber glass, minarets, and a huge reception hall done up in pink were also put up.
  • A lotus was designed in a pond, with petals of various colors and shapes, crafted by Indian craftsmen and Dutch florists. An estimated 6 million pounds worth of diamonds were worn, and 1 million pounds were spent on hospitality. Mittal transformed the first floor into a spa with beauty treatments and provided guests with mobile phones. Akhtar extols Mittal’s hospitality skills: “Ten out of ten!” What an evening it was – with Aishwarya Rai performing a spectacular performance.

7=> Prince William & Kate Middleton – £30million

Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 27

Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011 in a grand wedding known as “The Wedding of the Century.”The ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey and was estimated to have cost eight figures.The couple celebrated by riding on horseback through London.A significant amount was spent on security, and the wedding was very lavish.Despite the grandeur, the union between Prince William and Kate Middleton has been successful and is estimated to be worth over $170 million.

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • The royal wedding was watched by 3 million people worldwide and attended by 1,900 guests, followed by a reception at Buckingham Palace.
  • Estimated that a total amount of 1.1 million dollars was spent on floral arrangement alone
  • 8 thousand dollars each for two cakes
  • Celebrities Victoria and David Beckham, Sir Elton John, David Furnish, and members of the royal family including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Princess Eugenie, and Princess Beatrice attended the wedding. ending the ceremony included Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

8 => Angelababy & Huang Xiaoming-  $31 million

Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 28

The Chinese socialite known as the “Kim Kardashian of China,” Angelababy, tied the knot with actor Huang Xiaomoing in a lavish $31 million ceremony. Her custom Dior gown, one of the most expensive wedding dresses of all time, will forever be remembered in history. The venue was adorned with roses, and the celebration featured a towering 10-foot wedding cake with a carousel-themed middle layer, among other extravagant details.

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • The wedding was attended by approximately 100 celebrity guests and was live-streamed on the internet on October 8th.
  • The bride’s skirt was comprised of seven petticoats and 164 feet of tulle and was finished off with a 10-foot train.
  • Despite being relatively unknown in the United States, Angelababy is a resounding success in China. , she boasts more than 58 million followers on Twitter – a testament to her notoriety across Asia.
  • Huang proposed to an angel baby with a six carat 1,000,000 dollar Shimei engagement ring 
  • Angelababy had some custom-made cushions created for her wedding gown that took 5 months to complete.

9 => Lolita Osmanova & Gaspar Avdolyan – $10 million

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Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 29

The wedding of a wealthy couple has been estimated to cost $10 million, which is an exorbitant sum even for extravagant nuptials. The venue chosen for the event is none other than where the Oscars take place, and it has been decorated with an astonishing $500,000 worth of flowers and a gold aisle. The entertainment lineup is just as impressive, featuring performances by popular musicians Jason Derulo and Lady Gaga, which is estimated to cost a whopping $2 million.

Guests were not left behind either, as they received high-end goodie bags containing luxury items like cell phones and flowers. The bride’s wedding dress was a masterpiece, featuring a 10-foot train and 100 hand-cut Chantilly lace roses. Although it may seem over-the-top to many, this kind of extravagant celebration is considered normal for the couple and their social circle.

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • Lolita, 22, donned an awe-inspiring floor-length creation by Zuhair Murad with dazzling adornments and intricate lace. Ornaments of lavish blooms were placed throughout the gold aisle while every table had impressive centerpiece displays featuring red roses as a centerpiece.
  •   On the day of her wedding, the bride donned a second attire, adorned with an opulent array of feathered adornment for Lady Gaga’s elaborate concert set – believed to have cost upwards of 1.6 million dollars!
  • The newly-wed Gaspar, 29, deftly wielded an enormous cleaver to slice through their lavish wedding cake with his bride; Albert Adolyan’s son is the proud possessor of a sprawling mansion in Beverly Hills with a reported value of $13million.
  • The bride slipped out of her resplendent gown and donned a 1940s-influenced frock before cutting the impressive 10-tier cake with her spouse.

10 => Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas – 30 million

priyanka nick mehendi 05
Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 30

In 2018, American pop singer-songwriter Nick Jonas and Indian actress Priyanka Chopra made history as they exchanged vows with a marriage ceremony held at the opulent Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. Their marriage reportedly took place between November 29th and December 3rd of this year, booked an extravagant five-star venue for the occasion.

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • The estimated total for a wedding and accommodations package is $461,000 – around $92,000 per night.
  • Jonas and Chopra got married in a Western Christian and Hindu ceremony at the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. Both families rented out the entire hotel for a reported Rs 64 million per night.
  • The staggering cost of food for actor Priyanka Chopra and musician Nick Jonas was $120 per plate, according to Theme Weavers Designs. At a minimum, it comes out to be roughly $24,000!
  • Theme Weavers Designs reported a cost of $63,000 for three days of sound and lighting for Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.
  • The cost of using Photography and videography services  was a jaw-dropping $42,000 for three days.

11=> Gulraj Behl & Shristi Mittal € 60 million

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Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 31

Laxmi Mittal’s niece, Shristi Mittal, certainly made a grand entrance in Indian wedding ceremonies when she got married to an investment banking professional Gulraj Behl in Barcelona that year. The three-day affair was chock full of receptions and feasts along with spectacular fireworks and music performances from India. It was all extravagant arrangements that could rival every other Indian wedding celebration!

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • 500 guests attended the wedding celebrations after receiving the wedding’s confidentiality agreement. Furthermore, more than 200 chefs and butlers were brought in to India and Thailand and Michelin-starred chef Sergi Arolone created a magnificent meal prior to cutting what was said to be the biggest cake’ ever cut with a total weight of 60 kilograms!
  • The wedding of Lakshmi Mittal was the most expensive per guest, with a cost of $73.5 million, despite having only 500 guests.
  • The participant was asked to sign an agreement on confidentiality, committing not to reveal any details of the wedding.
  • 200 plus butlers and cooks and butlers from India, as well as Thailand, were employed for a wedding in Spain.
  • Laxmi Mittal has spent $34 million on her daughter’s wedding celebration in the month of June 2004, which was capped off with spectacular fireworks.
  • Kylie Minogue performed at an extravagant Indian wedding costing the sum of 200,000 pounds. A production created by Javed Akhtar was performed in family members from the Mittal family. Bollywood stars Juhi Chawla Rani Mukherjee, and Saif Ali Khan also took part.
  • Shahrukh Khan was paid PS300,000 to play a spoof of the Mittals.

12 => Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin $8 million

Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 32

Footballer Wayne Rooney of Manchester United andColeen McLoughlin exchanged vows at the Abbey of Cervara near Genoa in Italy in 2008. The lavish bride-to-be did not skimp on her financial demands, however; a high profile magazine offered a sum of $4 million for exclusive photography rights during the ceremony – an extravagance that was duly accepted!

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • Year of wedding: 2008
  • wedding location : Abbey of Cervara near Genoa,  Italy
  • Number of Guest: 64 special guests from the UK
  • Security guards in suits, possibly ex-military, are guarding event locations to deter paparazzi trying to take a photo of the bride in her expensive Marchesa dress, rumored to cost up to $200,000.
  • The bride and groom reside in a luxurious mansion located in Cheshire, complete with a swimming pool and gym. It is estimated that they are worth a staggering £35 million.
  • The exact details of the wedding, believed to have cost an extravagant £5 million, have been kept confidential following a reported agreement worth £2.5 million with OK! Magazine.
  • Coleen was stunning in a custom Marchesa gown that was said to cost £200,000 and wore a delicate white veil.
  • The wedding preparations amounted to nearly £1 million, with expenses such as pre-wedding celebrations, the performance by Coleen’s favorite band Westlife (booked for £400,000), and her gown.
  • Westlife, Coleen’s favorite group, was booked for £400,000 to perform at the wedding.
  • The total cost of the wedding is expected to surpass £250,000, but Wayne has told all guests to leave their wallets at home and has budgeted £10,000 per person.
  • According to a source, Wayne wants all guests to fully enjoy the celebration without having to worry about paying for anything.

13 => Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky – $ 2 million

Chelsea Clinton walks wit 006
Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 33

With temperatures soaring in the mid-summer months, it is no surprise that July 22nd promises to be one of the hottest weddings of this season and most expensive. Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s nuptials on July 31 will be attended by a veritable all-star cast including several world leaders – not surprising given that dad was once U.S President while mom currently holds office as Secretary of State!

The particulars of the nuptials are being drip-fed – it is presumed to occur in a remote village in upstate New York, namely Rhinebeck – and they most certainly don’t disappoint. While the Clintons remain the only ones privy to its monetary value, estimations suggest that it could easily reach $ 2  million!

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • Based on figures provided by the Daily Mail, here is a concise summary: an astronomical $11,000 cake as well as upwards of one hundred-fifty thousand dollars’ worth of Chelsea’s jewelry.
  • Strikingly outfitted tents, ranging from $600,000 for air-conditioned enclosures to $500,000 for lush arrangements of blooms; plus an additional expenditure of approximately double that amount dedicated to security measures all make up the sum total which has been allocated toward the production costs associated with this lavish opera.
  • Leading the charge in this exceptional wedding dress was none other than Vera Wang. A regal aesthetic with romantic twirls made for a timeless style that is as striking today as it was when first designed – only its exorbitant belt could rival its price tag of $25,000
  • An exorbitant amount of funds were lavished upon the occasion, and it is clear that the toilets alone cost a staggering $15,000 (via Today). Yet what’s more startling still – Chelsea and Marc expended almost as much on their wedding cake as they did on those commodes!

14=> Lalit Tanwar & Yogita Jaunapuria $ 2500 million

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Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 34

Lalit Tanwar, the son of a Congress minister, wedded his partner Yogita in 2011. The grand event was broadcast by 12 Tv channels on a single day and cost roughly 250 crores. There could be no more extravagant wedding than this one-off spectacle; with its astounding Big Bell 249 helicopter sent as a gift from in-laws that were also responsible for funding most of it!

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • A beautiful helicopter was given to the family of the groom with a value of 21 crores. famous actors like Amitabh Bachchan have attended its ceremony.
  • The ceremony was held in Hariyana’s village of Janpur, which was attended by around 15000 people. This includes all the villager’s who offered an average of 11,000 shaguns per mortal.
  • Mihir who is the older brother of Lalit said that we created 1000 extra invitations for VIP guests to receive a receipts that include Bollywood Stars and Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan will also play a role there.
  • Every guest is provided with a silver cake that weighs 30gms, safari suits each, and the sum of Rs. 2,100 cash
  • The Tika of the Groom cost Rs.2.5 Crore and additional Tika’s for family members cost Rs.1 Crore each for 18 people.

15=> Liza Minnelli & David Gest Wedding – $3.5 million

3 Liza MAinnelli and David Gests spectacular wedding had a starry guest list
Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 35

Sensational singer Liza Minnelli married concert promoter, David Gest. The guests included the entire Jackson Five, with Michael Jackson as the man who created the most memorable event, was even more vibrant for the spectators. Elizabeth Taylor was the matron of honor. Queen guitar player Brian May, Liam Neeson, Joan Collins, Gloria Gaynor, Anthony Hopkins, Mia Farrow were among the celebrities who attended the lavish wedding.
But, the couple was not able to remain together for very long, and ended up getting into the “dirtiest “way It’s possible!

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • Year of Wedding:  2002
  • Location /Venue: New York’s Fifth Avenue
  • Number of Guests: 600
  • The wedding was awash with stars. Michael Jackson was the best groomsman. Elizabeth Taylor was the bridesmaid of the bride. In this wedding, just $800,000 was spent on cakes and flowers, too.
  • Their wedding cake was cut by the couple. cake, which measured six feet tall, to the beat of an orchestra of 60 musicians according to Daily Mail.
  • The reception was more of a concert rather than it was a reception, with 54 performers. Tony Bennett, Donny Osmond as well as Stevie Wonder all performed on stage

 16=> Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich – $236,000

Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 36

Julianne Hough, a talented dancer known for her appearances on Dancing With the Stars, tied the knot with NHL superstar Brooke Laich in 2017. The couple exchanged their vows in a breathtaking outdoor wedding ceremony held in Idaho. Julianne stole the show in her beautiful custom-made Marchesa wedding gown, which cost a staggering $20,000.

The overall cost of the event is estimated to be between $232,000 and $236,000, reflecting the couple’s love and commitment to each other and their desire to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for themselves and their guests. The beautiful surroundings and gorgeous decorations, combined with the stunning attire, made for a day that the couple and their guests will never forget.

Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

  • One round-trip ticket in first class to LAX to Spokane is $1300 per person. For just the groom and bride this would amount to $2,600.
  • fireworks between $10,000 and $15,000 depending upon the specific fire department.
  • The estimate for the custom Marchesa wedding dress is $20,000.
  •  Brooks is seen sporting her Brooks Brothers One-Button Fitzgerald Tuxedo priced at $1198.00. In addition to their $225-tuxedo dress shirt as well as a $60 bow tie, and $750 Harrys Of London patent leather shoes, the entire ensemble is priced at $2,133.
  • A private charter boat trip across the lake from The Coeur D’Alene to the wedding location during the time of the wedding is $1,350/hour with a minimum of 2 hours for 200 guests. The couple paid out $2,700 for the transportation of their guests to their wedding venue.
  • The room at The Coeur D’Alene Hotel is 500 dollars per night. If the couple had paid for 200 guest to be there 2 nights (Friday as well as Saturday) it’s $200K.
  • On the 24th of May in the 24th of May, 2014 Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West tied the knot in a lavish fairytale wedding ceremony held in Italy. The couple planned a long weekend of celebration of their wedding, beginning with a trip to Paris and where the bride-to-be held a memorable bachelorette party with her friends and sisters on the Hotel Costes. The whole wedding was priced at $2.8 million.

    17=> Michael Jordan & Yvette Prieto – $10 million

    michael jordan wife yvette prieto
    Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 37

    On April 29th, 2013, basketball legend Michael Jordan and his model fiancée Yvette Prieto celebrated their second union in grand style with an estimated cost of $10 million dollars.. The couple pulled out all the stops for their big day, with live performances from popular musicians Usher, K’Jon, and Robin Thicke. The bride, Yvette Prieto, looked stunning in a J’Aton Couture wedding dress, which was adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

    This extravagant celebration of love and commitment was a true testament to the couple’s wealth and status, and it’s not hard to imagine the lavish details and opulence of the event. From the breathtaking wedding dress to the star-studded musical performances, this was a wedding that truly left an impression and will be remembered for years to come.

    Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

    • Yvette’s engagement ring is a stunning piece of jewelry, worth an impressive $1 million dollars. It features a large emerald-cut diamond, surrounded by three dazzling bands that are sure to catch the eye. This ring is impossible to miss, a true symbol of the couple’s love and commitment.
    • The biggest wedding tant in the history 40,000 square foot in the palm spring in the planned beach
    • Five hundred people attended with some 1500  arriving
    • NBA  great like MJ former chicigo bulls teammate scottie pippen and knicks VIP Patrick Ewing along with pro golfer tiger woods Uh sure and robin thick were also on hand to perform for the gravity-defying groom and his bride.

    18=> Kim kardashian & Kanye West – $2.8 million

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    Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 38

    The loving couple conjured up a joyful weekend celebration in Italy and France with their wedding guests, so naturally they fancied splurging on hotel accommodations for all of them. With an expenditure of $5,000 to acquire their names inscribed upon the table-top from which the festivities took place, this sum could only be considered a modest investment towards commemorating such an auspicious occasion!

    Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner, walked down the aisle wearing a Givenchy haute couture gown, with Kanye West and Andrea Bocelli providing accompaniment. All eyes were on this fashion-forward couple.

    Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

    • Kanye’s friend Riccardo Tisci designed a $500,000 dress for him, including $40,000 in Balmain shoes.
    • The total cost of holding an event can be quite daunting, exceeding PS240,000 – not including the numerous additional costs that must be taken into consideration.
    • Kim’s preparations for her rehearsal dinner and her hen’s party were extensive, requiring an investment of PS57000.
    • The cost of a wedding cake can be exorbitant, ranging up to PS2,400 for an intricate design with seven tiers and three participants.
    • Allocate the expenditure for catering their OTT rehearsal dinner and food menus for 200 guests who attended for the ceremony, as well as all of Kim’s makeup artists – along with Kanye’s wardrobe – which is an easy task to determine where expenditures were made.
    • “Catering business typically charges between 300 and 400 euros per person for a meal that includes a selection of wines. ” Given that there were around 200 guests in attendance in attendance, it would mean the total amount would be around $110,000.
    • As previously stated, Kimye allegedly spent an estimated $400,000 for the rental of the venue that was once a landmark for their wedding ceremony.
    • According to News that Kim and her family were adorned with “millions of dollars’ worth” of jewelry over the week by Lorraine Schwartz.
    • Hunt & Palmer aviation Flight Services Manager Richard Hurrell tells E! News that the cost of flying 200 passengers back and forth between Florence to Paris in a plane would range from 37,500 to 60,000 euros per plane and an estimate of $74,000 for an aircraft.
    • Joelle Edwards, the owner of Joelle Marie Events, exclusively informs E! News, “The couple purchased 100 of the one hundred rooms in the Excelsior Westin in order to accommodate the wedding guests. ” The estimated cost for a single stay at Excelsior in 100 rooms can range from to 50,000 euros, or $68,000.
    • The most extravagant family dinners served at the Costes restaurant came with a cost of 2400 euros ($3,282.72) as well as the ladies’ dinner prior to the celebration was close to 300 euros, that’s $409 per person.
    • Do you remember when Yeezy was able to surprise Kim with an appearance on stage performed by “Summertime Sadness” singer during their wedding celebration in Paris The surprise was reported to have cost the singer $2.8 million. You got it exactly. The singer’s representative has not confirmed the cost.

    19=> Sanjay Hinduja & Anu -$1000 million

    sanjay hindujas wedding
    Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 39

    Anu Mahtani crafted an exquisite wedding ceremony for the couple to be held in Udaipur, India’s renowned city of Udaipur. Over 16,000 guests were present at this celebration that featured notables from Bollywood including a variety of major stars. Upon arrival at the airport terminal, each guest was greeted by a sleek black BMW and then transported via boat to the palace located on Piccolo Island where they could enjoy three intense days of festivities! At their reception, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger were on stage. It came with an exorbitant cost of $23 million.

    Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

    •  Location of the wedding; Manek Chowk & Zenana Mahal, Udaipur.
    • fifteen million dollars were invested into the celebrations that last for a week and makes them one of the largest celebrations ever held.
    • The cost that Nicole Scherzinger has to pay is between 375,000 and 650,000 dollars.
    • The price per night accommodation in Kohinoor Suite located in The Oberoi Udaivilas, where J-Lo has been said to have stayed is staggeringly high at 3,000 USD.
    • The average cost an hour of guests that hire an aircraft for private use is about $2500.
    • in the previous, during the golden time of BMW fleet, it was filled with at least thirty-five vehicles each one specially designed for the sole purpose of transporting guests.
    • At a cost of 11,000 dollars, stunning wedding dresses are among the most costly options that brides-to-be can choose from.
    • The cost of an exclusive suit designed by the renowned fashion designer Manish Malhotra will be 5000 USD.
    • Mac makeup designed by Mickey Contractor cost 3000 dollars

    20 => Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake – $6.5 million

    Most Expensive Weddings In the World: The List You Need to Know 40

    The American performer Justin Bieber and his ravishing bride Jessica Simpson were wed in southern Italy on the twelfth of October 2006. Initial reports about their lavish affair quickly circulated soon after the ceremony, but it was ultimately revealed that these rumors had been greatly exaggerated! Both parties kept things simple during their wedding plans, demonstrating a desire to remain modest at all times.

    Justin is meticulous about maintaining his privacy and thus, a substantial amount of resources were devoted to security.The wedding was barely attended by one hundred guests; the bride donned Giambattista Valli’s exquisite pink silk gown during the ceremony. The price tag for this event reached $6.5 million – an exorbitant sum for such a small gathering!

    Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Elements Of The Wedding

    • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel profit when they sell wedding photos for $300,000.The New York Post reported that the two parties had struck an unanticipated deal in partnership with People magazine, while the UK rights were transferred to Hello! magazine. The editor tweets photos to appear on the next day.
    • Despite the pricey affair, it was still a celebration of the family and only 80 of their families and close family members were in attendance.
    • According to HollyScoop The couple spent about $1 million on renting out a gorgeous Italian resort and spent around $100,000 more entertaining guests with fireworks, dinner party and bicycle rides.
    • The approximately 100 guests that were present enjoyed a reception with snacks and a meal. an all-inclusive meal of lobster, steak, and seabass


    To sum up, the most expensive weddings in the world are a magnificent spectacle to witness, with extravagant details and luxurious elements that are beyond the reach of most people’s imagination. These weddings are a true representation of the excess and lavishness that can be achieved with an unlimited budget. From awe-inspiring venues to stunning wedding gowns and jewelry, it’s evident that no expenses are spared in creating an unforgettable occasion.

    Whether you’re organizing your own wedding or simply marveling at the beauty of these events, we trust that this list of the world’s priciest weddings, along with the breakdown of the most expensive components, has inspired and amazed you. Ultimately, nothing can compare to the grandeur and glamour of a wedding that’s befitting of royalty.