The recent flurry of news headlines predicting the dawn of an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) replaces human jobs has triggered a wave of interest among students nationwide. These headlines, while alarming, underscore a critical development in our society: the increasing role and relevance of AI. As students seek to align their educational endeavors with the changing career landscape, there is a marked surge in interest towards AI. The driving question is: which regions are leading this charge?

To discover this, our report offers a comprehensive analysis of the ‘AI Obsession’ across different states in the United States. The study utilizes two key parameters: the frequency of AI-related course searches and AI-related tool searches. This approach not only provides insights into how many students are eager to learn about AI but also sheds light on their proactive engagement with AI tools. The scoring system is robust, involving multiple tiers of search volumes and growth rates, ensuring a fair and accurate representation of student obsession with AI.

Methodology: Unraveling the AI Obsession

Our methodology employs a robust, multi-tiered scoring system that captures the intensity of AI interest across US states. This process involves two critical stages: keyword extraction and scoring.

Keyword Extraction

Our team utilized Google Keyword Planner, a reliable tool for keyword research, to extract a list of over 1000 keywords related to AI for each state over the past 12 months. These keywords were categorized under two parameters:

  1. AI-related course searches: Keywords included ‘artificial intelligence course’, ‘AI course’, ‘best artificial intelligence course’, and ‘best AI course’.
  2. AI-related tool searches: This category included student-focused tools such as ‘ChatGPT’, ‘Grammarly’, ‘Midjourney’, ‘Quillbot’, ‘TutorAI’, ‘Caktus AI’, and ‘Ivy AI’.

Each keyword was thoroughly analyzed for its intent to ensure our list accurately represents the student interest in AI.

Scoring System

The scoring system was meticulously designed to reflect both the search volume and growth rate of each keyword.

Volume-based Scoring:

Search VolumePoints
0 – 101 point
10 – 1002 points
100 – 1K3 points
1K – 10K4 points
10K – 100K5 points
100K – 1M6 points
1M+7 points

Growth-based Scoring:

3-month GrowthPoints
0% – 100%1 point
101% – 500%2 points
501% – 1,000%3 points
1,001% – 5,000%4 points
5,001% – 10,000%5 points
10,001% – 50,000%6 points
50,001% – 100,000%7 points
100,001% and above8 points

This dual-parameter scoring system provides a comprehensive measure of student interest in AI across US states, delivering a credible and insightful analysis to inform strategies and initiatives that foster AI learning and engagement among students.

Decoding Student Interest: The AI Obsession in the US

Study Reveals the Hotspots of Student Interest in AI Across the US
Study Reveals the Hotspots of Student Interest in AI Across the US

As we delve into the heart of AI fascination among American students, our data paints an intriguing picture. It outlines a landscape where the pursuit of knowledge is as diverse as the states themselves. Here are the states that lead the pack in AI obsession, as well as those where interest appears to be more muted.

Top US States Where Students Are Most Obsessed with Artificial Intelligence

  • Alabama (Score: 138): Topping our list is Alabama, a state known for its strong emphasis on education and technology. Students here have shown a remarkable interest in AI, perhaps indicating a trend toward innovation and technological advancement in their career aspirations.
  • California (Score: 134): Home to Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise that California ranks high. The state’s culture of tech innovation clearly permeates its education sector, inspiring students to explore AI in depth.
  • Ohio (Score: 105): Ohio’s position is a testament to its robust educational system, which seems to be successfully fostering a curiosity for AI among its students.
  • Pennsylvania (Score: 76): Known for its prestigious universities, Pennsylvania’s position reflects the state’s academic strength and student interest in trending tech fields.

Other states in the top tier include Virginia (73), Texas (72), Rhode Island (71), Oklahoma (69), Illinois (67), and South Carolina (66).

StatesStudent Obsession Score
Rhode Island71
South Carolina66

Least US States where Students are Obsessed with Artificial Intelligence

  • Wyoming (Score: 16): As a state with a strong focus on agriculture and energy, Wyoming shows the least obsession with AI. This may reflect the state’s economic structure and the types of careers students are pursuing.
  • Missouri (Score: 25): Missouri, known for its diverse economy, ranks low in AI obsession, suggesting other fields may hold greater interest for its students.
  • Maryland (Score: 26): Home to a multitude of federal agencies and educational institutions, it’s surprising to see Maryland’s lower score. This could indicate a broader spread of interest across multiple disciplines.
  • Kansas (Score: 29): Kansas, with its strong agricultural and manufacturing sectors, appears to have less student interest in AI. This could align with the state’s economic focus.

Also among the bottom tier are Minnesota (32), Maine (35), Mississippi (36), West Virginia (37), Massachusetts (37), and Iowa (37).

StatesStudent Obsession Score
West Virginia37

Conclusion: The Rising Tide of AI Obsession

As the world hurtles towards an AI-driven future, US students appear to be keeping pace with a strong fascination for artificial intelligence. Our analysis of AI-related course and tool searches across all 50 states highlights the breadth and depth of AI interest among students, with some states showing remarkable intensity and dynamism in their search queries.

While states like Alabama, California, and Ohio lead the pack, it’s clear that the AI obsession is by no means limited to these areas alone. Across the US, students are exploring AI and related tools, indicating a broad and growing interest in the field.

As we move into an era where AI is set to transform every aspect of our lives, nurturing a love for this field among the next generation of leaders and innovators is critical. With this in mind, it’s heartening to see that AI fascination is alive and well among US students.

In conclusion, our report provides a timely and comprehensive snapshot of the AI obsession among US students, revealing a landscape that is both dynamic and promising. The future looks bright for AI education in the US, and we’re excited to see how it unfolds.