UPSC Preparation Tips From 99 Experts [2023]

Welcome to our comprehensive guide of UPSC Preparation Tips from 99 experts! Our team has conducted extensive research to bring you the most reliable and up-to-date tips from experienced professionals and experts in the field. This guide is designed to help those who are preparing for the UPSC exams to gain the best possible information, knowledge, and tips to help them succeed. We have gathered advice from leading professionals and experts in the field, so you can rest assured that the advice you receive is of the highest quality. So, if you are preparing for the UPSC exams, read on to find out how to ace the exam.

UPSC Preparation Tips From 99 Experts


1. Divya Mittal

In India, millions of candidates appear for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam, yet only a select few are successful in passing. District Magistrate of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, Divya Mittal is one such inspiring Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who secured 68th All India Rank (AIR) in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2021.

A key piece of her advice is for candidates to measure the time spent on their mobile phones in order to track the amount of time they are spending on it and to try and keep the phone away while studying.

2. Manuj Jindal

Manuj is an IAS officer who secured an AIR 53 position for UPSC CSE. He was a servant to the people of the Naxal region which is most difficult in Bhamragad, Gadchiroli. Then he was posted to Jalna as the CEO of Zilla Parishad. 

Mr. Jindal said in order to give further clarity on what should be read and what should be avoided online, Mr. Jindal provided an example of searching for ‘Indian Culture and Heritage’ on Google. Results include links from sources such as Wikipedia, the Ministry of Culture, the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), and more. Information can be found on both Wikipedia and the government's ministry page, both of which are reliable sources. Taking into account the material found on these websites will provide a comprehensive overview of any given topic and can assist in making informed decisions about further reading material. Developing this type of research pattern could prove beneficial to contextual understanding.

Samyak Jain

3. Samyak Jain

Samyak is an amazing illustration of how an individual’s strength and determination can get over every obstacle. When he was 21, Samyak was visually impaired and was in a state of utter impossibility to read or write. In spite of this, Samyak went on to pass one of the more sought-after and challenging examinations in India CSE, which is the UPSC exam of 2021. He passed it on the second attempt and achieved an all-India score of 7. His story is an inspiring testimony to the strength of humankind.

Samyak Jain, a UPSC topper, believes that consistency is paramount to success in the UPSC exam. He suggests that aspiring candidates should not give up and keep up their practice, even if they don’t get the desired results. He further adds that it is important to be consistent in studies and be aware of the syllabus and its updates. Samyak is a living example of how one can ace the UPSC exam with consistent efforts.

aparna ramesh ias 2343

4. Aparna Ramesh

Aparna Ramesh is an inspirational example of someone who achieved success in the UPSC CSE Exam 2020 despite the odds. She is the daughter of a civil servant and was determined to make her dream of becoming a civil servant come true. Despite having studied and lived in 10 cities and 7 states, Aparna was committed to the goal of clearing the UPSC CSE Exam and eventually she achieved success on her second attempt. Aparna currently resides in Gurugram, Haryana and is an architect and urban planner.

Aparna Ramesh suggested that for the mains, aspirants should focus on basic books and practice answer writing to prepare for the exam. Therefore, Aparna Ramesh suggests that aspirants should focus on basic books, practice answer writing, and concentrate more on strengthening their stronger areas if they want to clear the mains of the UPSC exam.

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5. Arth Jain

Arth Jain, a former IIT graduate, achieved All India Rank 16 in the UPSC CSE 2020. His father, Mukesh Jain, is the Transportation Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh and his older brother is currently preparing to take the Civil Services test.

According to Arth Jain, a thorough knowledge of the syllabus and exam pattern will provide an in-depth view of the exam and enhance chances of success. Jain recommends that aspiring candidates should invest time in understanding the exam and its requirements to determine the best course of preparation.


6. Yaksh Chaudhary

Yaksh Chaudhary is a young and determined UPSC aspirant who achieved the 6th rank in the UPSC Civil Services Exam in 2019. He has an impressive academic background, having completed his civil engineering at IIT Guwahati

Yaksh Chaudhary, a successful UPSC topper, suggests that cracking the UPSC exam requires the right preparation and hard work, and dedication. Aspirants should ensure that the preparation is in the right direction and that they focus on the areas of their strength and weakness Aspirants should also prioritize the topics on which to focus and allocate enough time to cover each topic. A good strategy would be to start preparing for the exam early and use the available resources judiciously.


7. Kajal Jawla

IAS Kajal Jawla, a resident of Shamil, Haryana, completed her schooling in the same city. Deciding to pursue Engineering, she then graduated with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from an engineering college in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

She recommends practicing essay writing both in English and Hindi. Read newspapers and magazines to stay updated on current affairs and stay ahead of the competition. Make sure to practice writing essays with a specific word limit and try and finish it on time. Lastly, revise the essay and make sure you don’t make any silly mistakes.

8. Anisha Shrivastav

Every successful UPSC aspirant has a unique strategy for preparing for the examination. Hyderabad-born and educated Anisha Shrivastav, for instance, employed the use of previous year’s papers to cover the UPSC and CSE syllabus. Additionally, she focused on the core topics to ensure a thorough understanding of concepts.

IAS Anisha has suggested that one of the most important strategies for success is to ensure that preparations are timed effectively is means to divide their time efficiently and utilize it judiciously. For instance, they can allot a certain number of hours to each topic and make sure that they stick to this schedule. In addition to this, they must also ensure that they leave out some time for revision of the topics that have been covered.

tejasvi rana1

9. Tejaswi Rana

Tejaswi Rana hails from Kurukshetra, Haryana. Ever since she was young, she had an interest in engineering and decided to pursue this dream by taking the JEE exam following the completion of her intermediate studies. During her time at IIT Kanpur, her aspiration to take the UPSC exam grew and she decided to start preparing for it.

According to tejaswi rana, aspirants must also learn how to structure their answers in a concise and comprehensive manner. Furthermore, they should focus on being precise, logical, and clear in their answers rather than being verbose. This will help them to maximize their scores in the examination. Finally, aspirants should also practice time management techniques to ensure they are able to finish the paper in the allotted time.

KIran PB New1 734x419 1

10. Kiran P.B

Kiran P.B., an IT professional with 10 years of experience at a Kerala-based IT company, recently achieved the 100th rank in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations. When asked about his success story, he said, “I believe my journey has been typical of many other professionals who have ambitions to work for the nation. Clearing UPSC exams is the best way to realize this dream, and I am lucky to have achieved it.”

Kiran P B, a renowned expert in the field of UPSC preparation, has proposed a different approach to studying for the exam. His proposed method emphasizes content completion rather than adhering to a rigid schedule, as he believes this helps students adjust and cope better with unpredictable events that may arise during the preparation process. This malleable approach is designed to help students remain focused and productive, even if unanticipated challenges appear along the way.

ias ananya singh

11. Ananya Singh

Ananya Singh, from Prayagraj, has achieved the remarkable milestone of becoming an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer at the age of just 22. After a year’s preparation, Singh aced the notoriously difficult Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducted civil services exam, clinching an All-India Rank of 51. From childhood, Singh had always dreamed of becoming an IAS officer and her recent accomplishment is a testament to her dedication and hard work.

IAS Officer Ananya Singh has shared her tips for cracking the UPSC exam. According to her, the most important thing for success in the UPSC exam is having a fixed daily schedule. She recommends setting aside 7-8 hours per day for studying for the UPSC exam. This schedule should include all the important topics for the exam, be it reading the NCERT books or doing any other form of preparation.

Shruti Sharma

12. Shruti Sharma

Shruti Sharma, hailing from the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, has emerged as the topper of the 2021 Civil Services Examination. A student of History, Sharma achieved success after intensive preparation at the residential coaching of Jamia Millia Islamia. She has been appointed as an Indian Administrative Service Officer.

She suggested candidates read newspapers and magazines related to current affairs and politics. She also said that one should have good knowledge of NCERT books. According to her, candidates should refer to the previous year's question papers to get an idea of the UPSC pattern. She also advised candidates to utilize their time wisely and divide it between topics they are comfortable with and those they are not. She said that one should also pay attention to their physical and mental health while preparing for the exam

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13. Neha Jain

Neha Jain, a former dentist, made the decision to pursue a career as an IAS official after her retirement. Despite not achieving success in the UPSC test on her initial attempt, Neha persevered and eventually became an IAS topper.

She suggests Candidates preparing for UPSC should practice answer writing on a regular basis. Writing 4-5 answers every day is essential for mastering the art of answering questions in the UPSC exam. It is important to include important points in the answer. Candidates can get their answers evaluated on various websites available these days. This helps them to identify their mistakes and rectify them.

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14. Jitin Yadav

Jitin Yadav is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer of the 2016 batch, based in the West Bengal Cadre. He previously held the position of Assistant Security Commissioner in the Railway Protection Force and prior to that, worked as a Derivatives Trader in Energy Markets at Futures First, a Gurgaon-based proprietary trading firm, for three years.

Jitin Said, a smart aspirant, one should always try to have the background knowledge of UPSC Chairman and Members. Aspirants should also pay attention to the news reports and articles related to these individuals to gain more insight into their ideologies and views. Knowing the background of the UPSC Chairman and Members can provide an aspirant with a competitive edge in the interview process.

Ria Dabis picture

15. Ria Dabi

Ria Dabi, born on July 12th, 1998 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, is one of the most renowned female IAS officers in India. In 2020, she earned an impressive 15th rank on the UPSC Civil Services Exam at the age of 22-23. She has since become an inspiration to many aspiring IAS officers across the nation.

According to her, one should get into the habit of reading two newspapers every day for current affairs, primarily The Hindu and The Indian Express. The aspirant can choose between the physical copy of the resource material or online, as per their preference. Other than this, she also recommended looking up content on the internet, as it is a great source of information.


16. Swathi Sree

Swathi Sree,, has achieved the All-India rank 42 in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) civil services examination 2021-2022, making her the highest-ranking individual in her state. This achievement follows her previous success in clearing the civil services examination, resulting in an allocation to the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) of the Income Tax (I-T) Department.

She recommends regularly solving questions and identifying mistakes. Working on those mistakes and correcting them is very important in order to get the desired results. All in all, with hard work and dedication, the UPSC examination can be cracked.

17. Kumar Anurag

Kumar Anurag was able to achieve AIR 48 in his second attempt of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Exam (CSE) in 2018, despite not succeeding in his first attempt. Despite setbacks during his graduation, he persevered and enrolled in post-graduate studies while simultaneously taking on preparation for the UPSC CSE.

He suggests that students should read the newspaper daily and make notes of important points. He also recommends that aspirants should practice writing answers and maintain a notebook as a diary where they can jot down their progress and make sure to take a look at it every week to track their progress. Finally, he recommends that they should build a broad perspective of the topics and try to build an opinion on the key issues of the day. This would help them in the essay paper, interviews, and general studies paper.


18. Utkarsh Dwivedi

Utkarsh Dwivedi, a 2014 B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering graduate of the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), achieved fifth place nationwide in the recently released Civil Services Examinations. Mr. Dwivedi, a native of Uttar Pradesh, is a fellow alumnus of VIT.

Utkarsh keeps up with domestic and international news by reading daily publications such as The Hindu, Indian Express, The Times of India, and Mint. He has gained insight into foreign matters by delving into the in-depth newspaper stories.

Utkarsh Dwivedi UPSC Booklist

  • PSIR by Shubhra Ranjan Notes
  • Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth
  • Ancient History by RS Sharma
  • Indian Economy by Nitin Singhania
  • India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography by GC Leong
  • Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania
  • Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude
  • Challenges to Internal Security of India by Ashok Kumar
  • NCERT Books of Class IX, X, XI, XII

19. Satyam Gandhi

Satyam Gandhi, hailing from Samastipur district of Bihar, was born in 1999 and accomplished remarkable success in the 2020 Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Service Exam with a Tenth All India Rank (AIR). His father, Akhilesh Singh, is a government employee while his mother is a homemaker. Satyam Gandhi also has a younger brother currently enrolled in school. His accomplishments are an inspiration to aspiring students across the country.

Satyam has suggested that students should adhere to a schedule of 8 to 10 hours of daily study in order to ensure that their efforts are applied effectively and strategically.

872654 nidhi siwach 1

20. Nidhi Siwach

Nidhi Siwach is an IAS Officer from Gurugram, Haryana with excellent academic credentials and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Deenbandhu Chhoturam University. She previously worked as a design engineer at Tech Mahindra.born in 1999 and accomplished remarkable success in the 2020 Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Service Exam with a Tenth All India Rank (AIR). His father, Akhilesh Singh, is a government employee while his mother is a homemaker. Satyam Gandhi also has a younger brother currently enrolled in school. His accomplishments are an inspiration to aspiring students across the country.

Nidhi says Charts are necessary for IAS Preparation, so remember to bring maps when studying for the exam; seek help from map-based preparation programs if needed.

21. Shreyans Kumat

Shreyans Kumat, who achieved an impressive fourth place ranking in the 2018 UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), has shared his exclusive strategy for success in the Preliminary Examinations for prospective candidates.

He emphasized the importance of the careful study of the last five years' UPSC exam papers, referring to the answer keys released by the organization. The analysis provided a variety of insights, as well as reinforcing previously asked topics in his mind and prompting him to be more vigilant when revisiting or researching these areas.

IAS Yasharth Shekhar UPSC

22. Yasharth Shekhar

Yasharth Shekhar has achieved a remarkable feat by making it to the final list of the Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Examination (UPSC CSE) 2021 with a rank of 12 in his third attempt. His impressive score of 306 in his optional subject, geography, is certainly laudable.

Yasharth Shekhar advised that developing an individual writing approach is beneficial for essay writing, and suggested setting a daily target of two to four essays.

IAS Abhishek Saraf Biography

23. Abhishek Saraf

With a B.Tech in civil engineering, Abhishek set out to fulfill his dream of becoming an IAS officer and reaching the Top 100. He remained motivated even after he had achieved success and refused to give up. As such, Abhishek decided to choose civil engineering as his optional subject.

Abhishek recommended diversifying reading habits in the early months of study in order to gain a deep understanding and familiarity of each subject.

24. Sanjita Mohapatra

Sanjita Mohapatra, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer from the 2019 Civil Service Examination batch, has achieved remarkable success by ranking 10th in the Union Public Services Examination, having accomplished her feat without relying on coaching classes.

She recommended creating a schedule every Sunday for the upcoming week's syllabus in order to accurately plan for the UPSC examination. She expressed confidence that both weekly and monthly schedules can be effective for exam preparation.


25. Pratibha Verma

Pratibha Verma, an IRS officer, achieved great success in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Exam (CSE) 2018 with a rank of 489. Determined to improve her performance, Verma re-appeared for the exam in 2019 and earned the distinction of being the topper among women with an All India Rank of 3.

Pratibha emphasized the importance of making a well-considered selection of optional subjects. She also advised that individuals should have a good grasp of the subject matter prior to making their final choice.

26. Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh is a highly accomplished individual with a passion for public service. He worked as an Income Tax Inspector in Delhi for 4 years and went on to achieve his dream of becoming an IAS Officer by topping the UPSC Exam 2019 in August 2022. His success is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

Pradeep Singh advises to effectively manage time and be up-to-date on general knowledge, current affairs, and other relevant information before taking an exam.


27. Anupama Anjali

Anupama Anjali is an 2018 batch IAS officer currently serving as the Municipal Commissioner for Tirupati Municipal Corporation. Her aim is to ensure the provision of quality public services and to promote the sustainable development of the city.

In a recent interview, she highlighted the importance of writing essays on a regular basis, as well as taking notes from government publications and current affairs books such as Yojana and Kurukshetra, to draw inspiration for essay topics that can be practiced daily.

1007758 tapasya parihar 1

28. Tapasya Parihar

Tapasya a trailblazer and an inspiration to many. Having secured AIR 23 in the UPSC exam without any coaching, Tapasya has shown that hard work and determination can help anyone achieve their goals. . Tapasya is a true role model for aspiring IAS officers and is an example of how one can reach the pinnacle of success with sheer grit and determination.

Tapasya suggests self- studying with the aid of the Internet. She recommends watching topper interviews and reading up on different strategies for preparing a book list and beginning the process. Tapasya advises starting with NCERT textbooks to create a strong foundation, which she completed in one and a half months.

IMAGE 1664259826

29. Srushti Jayant Deshmukh

Srushti Jayant Deshmukh achieved an impressive accomplishment by ranking first among the 182 female applicants and fifth overall (All India Rank AIR) in an exam. Her triumph is a truly inspiring tale.

Srushti Deshmukh suggested that students organize their notes into folders and add newspaper clippings and related articles as a strategy for successfully preparing for exams.

JEE Mains topper Parth Bhardwaj

30. Parth Bharadwaj

Parth Bharadwaj, JEE Mains topper, is not content with just pursuing a career in engineering. He has set his sights on a much bigger goal – to become an IAS officer and use his knowledge and skills to improve many of India’s social and economic problems. He is determined to make a difference in the lives of people in India and is firmly committed to achieving his goal.

Parth Bharadwaj recently shared his tips on how to crack the exam. He emphasized that following the NCERT syllabus in Physics and Chemistry, along with coaching for Maths, is necessary. Additionally, Parth recommended studying online for three to four hours extra and gradually increasing the reading time.

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31. Prateek Rao

Prateek Rao, an IAS Officer of the 2021 batch and a former IRTS officer of 2020, is a multi-talented creator who strives to make an impact with his work. He holds an Engineering degree from NIT Surathkal and an MBA from IIM Calcutta.

Prateek Rao highlighted the importance of continual practice and external evaluation for aspiring essay writers, even those with strong writing skills. Rao further reiterated the necessity of obtaining feedback from a third party to refine their writing and distinguish their essay from others. He suggested that self-evaluation should be avoided and advised seeking guidance from the coach on the essay. Ultimately, Rao stressed the need to demonstrate personality in the essay to set it apart from other submissions.

IAS Devyani Yadav Wiki 950x500 1

32. Devyani Yadavin

Devyani Yadavin has achieved an impressive feat, securing an All India Rank 11 in the Union Public Service Commission UPSC Civil Service Exam CSE after her fifth attempt. Her hard work and dedication have paid off, making her an inspiration to many aspiring civil servants. She has shown what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance, proving that anything is possible.

Devyani Yadavin, an expert on test preparation, provides several strategies to help students succeed on their exams. Yadavin suggests focusing on one's weaknesses, taking mock tests as self-evaluation tools, improving reading skills, striking a good balance between study and rest, and bringing honesty to their preparation. She also advises devising an effective note-making strategy and finding online content that works best.


33. Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta is a highly motivated and determined individual who has achieved remarkable success in her life. She quit her well-paying corporate job and devoted her time to pursue her ambition of becoming a civil servant. Her dedication and hard work paid off when she secured AIR 18 in UPSC 2020 exam, making her one of the youngest and most successful civil servants in India.

Radhika, a successful UPSC examination topper, advises aspiring candidates to dedicate nine to ten hours of study each day and construct a consistent timetable for preparation. Additionally, Radhika recommends that aspirants devote time to activities outside of exam preparation to foster personal balance and mental well-being.

999403 apala1

34. Dr. Apala Mishra

Dr. Apala Mishra attained a remarkable ninth-place ranking in the UPSC exam after successfully completing the exam on her third attempt. Notably, she set a record by answering the majority of the questions during the interview round.

One of the most widely held misconceptions is that preparation for interview rounds is unnecessary, since they primarily assess one's personality. However, it is important to recognize that knowledge also plays an integral role in forming one's personality. As such, it is essential to put in equal effort during both the preliminary and main stages of the process. Dr Apala highlights the importance of completing the (DAF) thoroughly; she emphasizes that only personal attributes and strengths should be mentioned therein.

Shubham Gupta picture

35. Shubham Gupta

Shubham Gupta, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer of the 2019 Maharashtra cadre, is presently employed as an Assistant Collector in Nashik for the Government of Maharashtra in 2021.

Shubham Gupta has highlighted the importance of answer writing in the mains portion of exams. Exploring the surface level of topics is not enough; candidates must dive into the depth of each subject. To ensure success, it is recommended that candidates practice answer writing daily and evaluate their performance against that of other top-scorers.

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36. Surbhi Goyal

Surbhi Goyal is an inspiring example of determination and hard work. After three attempts, she has secured AIR 78 in the Civil Services Examination (CSE-21), scoring 125 out of a possible 200 marks in the General Studies 2 (GS-2) paper. Her success is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and serves as an inspiration for all those aspiring to crack the CSE.

Surbhi Goyal advised us to read the syllabus and prepare points to gain an understanding of each topic. Goyal further stated that success on the UPSC exam does not require expertise on every topic, rather it is important to stay within the boundaries of the syllabus and limit sources as much as possible to avoid confusion.

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37. Shubhankar Pratyush

Shubhankar Pratyush Pathak is a shining example of how determination and hard work can lead to success. Hailing from a small village in Motihari, East Champaran District in Bihar, he achieved the remarkable feat of clearing the toughest exam in the country, UPSC CSE, in his maiden attempt with an All India Rank of 11. His success story is an inspiration to many.

Surbhi Goyal advised us to read the syllabus and prepare points to gain an understanding of each topic. Goyal further stated that success on the UPSC exam does not require expertise on every topic, rather it is important to stay within the boundaries of the syllabus and limit sources as much as possible to avoid confusion.

1596456044 49 Success Story of IAS Topper Sumit Kumar Rai tops UPSC

38. Sumit Kumar Rai

Sumit Kumar Rai has achieved the dream of becoming an IAS officer, a feat that would have once required one to quit their job. Incredibly, Mr. Rai managed to accomplish this without forfeiting his well-paying job of 6 years.

Summit Kumar emphasized that preparation for any task should not be done without first evaluating how well the material has been grasped. Incorporating mock tests as part of this preparation can be a helpful tool in assessing one's knowledge and recollection of the studied material.

gandharva final

39. Gandharva Rathore

Gandharva Rathore, a post-graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi, achieved a 93rd rank in the exam after only their second attempt. While forgoing any specialized coaching or excessive studying, Rathore was able to secure the impressive ranking with minimal preparation.

Gandharva Rathore suggests taking advantage of the resources available both online and in person. She emphasizes the importance of pacing oneself to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as well as picking up a hobby that takes one out of the home. According to Rathore, having an outside activity can give an individual something to discuss when asked about their hobbies during interviews.

IAS Rukmani Riar 6217232844755

40. Rukmani Riar

Rukmani Riar is a Chandigarh-born and young IAS officer, she not just successfully passed the union public service commission examination and also got an AIR 2 on her first go.

Rukmani Riar IAS has shown an impressive level of determination since her childhood, aiming to achieve success in civil services. 

Rukmani Rair suggests a few tips to aspiring UPSC candidates. She suggests consulting newspapers for current events in order to stay updated. She also highly recommends to follow the one-book-per-subject rule in order to gain a better understanding of the topics. She further suggests completing mock tests towards the end of the preparation period in order to test the knowledge acquired.This will help the candidate to quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses and also help in rectifying mistakes before the actual exam. Lastly, she emphasizes on the importance of having faith in oneself and maintaining a positive attitude.

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41. Saurabh Bhuwania

At thirty years of age, a married man with a child on the way, Saurabh Bhuwania had no choice but to take a full-time job at the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Despite this, He was still able to manage the preparation for the exam. If he was able to find his name on the list, there is no reason why anyone else should not be able to do the same.

He was able to dedicate four to five hours a day for study, but increased that to seven or eight hours on weekends. When he slept in, he made up for it later by studying into the night. He also used coffee and lunch breaks to stay current with the news.

42. Laxman Tiwari

Laxman Tiwari, a resident of Saidpura village, Siwan, Bihar, has achieved remarkable success. After completing his schooling from a local vernacular medium government school and his BA in Political Science from Delhi University, he was able to pass the UPSC and become an IPS officer at the age of 21. Laxman’s dedication to learning never ended there, as he is currently enrolled in an MA in Political Science program at IGNOU.

One such tip is from Laxman Tiwari who had taken coaching for a short period of time, but soon discontinued it as it was not proving to be of much help. After that, Laxman sourced other resources and previous years question papers from the internet and was ultimately successful in the exam. These tips are sure to be of great help for those looking for guidance in their IAS preparation journey.


43. Ms. Sahitya Pusapati

Sahitya Pusapati, a 32-year-old civil servant from Vizag, bagged the 24th rank in the all-India UPSC examinations. She is the first woman from Andhra Pradesh to achieve this feat.

Sahitya started her civil service journey in 2006, but quit after just two years, as she found the job too challenging. She then attempted the civil service examinations for the sixth time in 2016. This time around, she worked as a junior scientist at Natreon, New Jersey, before attempting the UPSC exams.

For IAS aspirants, it is important to focus on the Prelims exam while preparing for the Mains. It is important to have a balance between the two, however, in order to improve your chances of success in the IAS exam, it is highly recommended that you focus more on the Prelims than the Mains. Additionally, Sahitya Pusapati suggested that IAS aspirants should seek advice from experienced professionals and mentors at the right time in order to make the most of their preparation. Doing this will help them identify their weaknesses and strengths and develop an effective plan for success.

43. change

The day began with an insightful discussion on the fundamentals of the UPSC exams, led by Saibal Bose from Chanakya Academy. The audience was captivated by Mr. Bose’s tips and strategies on how to become successful in the UPSC exams. Mr. Bose provided invaluable advice on how to prepare for the exams and gave tips for the aspiring IAS aspirants. The presentation ended with a round of applause from the audience, who were left filled with knowledge and motivation to ace the UPSC exams.

Every civil services candidate has a responsibility to create and adhere to a realistic schedule in order to achieve their goals. Time management plays a major role in the success of candidates, so it is important to create a schedule that works for you and stick to it. This will help ensure that the student is able to make the most of their efforts and achieve their desired results.

Mohan Kumar S

44. Mohan Kumar S

G Mohan Kumar was born in May in Thiruvananthapuram India and is a retired IAS officer. His biography reveals a decorated career, having topped the IAS exam in his year. He has since gone on to serve in many prestigious roles, including District Collector and Advisor to the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir. He is currently retired and lives in Thiruvananthapuram with his family. His career has been an inspiration to many and he continues to be an important role model for aspiring IAS officers.

Be mindful of modern age entertainment like OTT platforms, which can be a time-waster. Daydreaming about the effects of being selected in the civil services is common, but spending too much time trying to impress others can lead to negative after-effects. Rescheduling study plans without implementation, and joining unproductive study groups can waste time and be counter-productive; creating a personalized strategy based on strengths and weaknesses is key.

1016840 ias ashish kumar

45. Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar achieved an All India rank of 53 on his second attempt of the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2019. He was raised in Kurseong, West Bengal and graduated from Shahid Bhagat Singh college in Economics. He had been working towards his goal of getting into the Civil Services since 2016.

Ashish advises aspirants to study from a limited source of materials and to cross-check with the syllabus to ensure that all topics are covered. Ashish advises against simply memorizing resource material and instead suggests creating mind maps to aid in visualizing and organizing material for exams. It is beneficial to talk to peers and understand their study strategies, while also looking to previous years toppers for guidance, in order to create an effective plan for preparation.

surya1 1639138890

46. G Surya Sai Praveenchand

G Surya Sai Praveenchand from Amalapuram East Godavari Andhra Pradesh has made a remarkable achievement by securing the 64th rank in the Civil Services Examination 2018. This impressive feat has enabled him to secure a post of Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Praveenchand is only 26 years old and has achieved this incredible milestone in life that will open many doors of future opportunities for him.

Take advantage of breaks to catch up on the news by reading a newspaper. Keeping notes online makes it easier to revise during office hours or while commuting to work. Utilize mornings during the week for studying, as it can be difficult to do so after a long day of work due to fatigue. Make the most of your weekends by dedicating them entirely to studies.

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47. Twinkle Jain

Twinkle Jain, a girl from Dhar town of Madhya Pradesh, has achieved remarkable success at the prestigious UPSC Civil Services exam, securing an all India rank of 138th. In a recent interview, Jain shared her experience of hard work and perseverance that led to her success. She highlighted that the key to success was in dedication and never giving up, no matter how many obstacles come your way. Jain also shared her tips for aspiring IAS toppers, encouraging them to stay focused and work hard for their dreams.

Take advantage of breaks to catch up on the news by reading a newspaper. Keeping notes online makes it easier to revise during office hours or while commuting to work. Utilize mornings during the week for studying, as it can be difficult to do so after a long day of work due to fatigue. Make the most of your weekends by dedicating them entirely to studies.


48. Karnati Varunreddy

Karnati Varun Reddy, a native of Miryalaguda, Telangana, recently placed seventh in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations and was the highest ranker in the state. Mr. Reddy is an Associate Commissioner of Income Tax and is currently undergoing training for the Indian Revenue Services (IRS) at Nagpur. He is the son of P Nagamani, Additional Director at the Agriculture Department, and Dr. Janardhan Reddy, an Ophthalmologist. His elder brother is a surgeon practicing at Kakatiya Medical College in Warangal.

He emphasized the importance of practicing and revising quality resources to be successful in exams. Identifying weak areas and reducing mistakes is key.


49. Anudeep Durishetty

Anudeep Durishetty has highlighted the significance of his family and peers in his extraordinary feat. He further extended his appreciation to his co-workers and senior revenue officers for their motivation and help. Durishetty’s father, D Manohar, is employed as an Assistant Divisional Engineer with Telangana Northern Power Distribution Co., while his mother, Jyothy, is a homemaker.

Aspirants should make their essay engaging and relatable, with anecdotes and real-life incidents included to make it more interesting for the examiner and earn additional marks. To write better, one must read on a variety of topics and ensure their writing is interesting, relevant to the question, and concise.

HT STG4STG4P GAURAV KUMAR 1575397601 1575397601

50. Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar Singh, (37) is an inspiring success story for many aspiring civil servants. He achieved All India Rank 190 (AIR) in the Civil Service Examination with Roll No 440337 and has been working as the Collector of Surajpur Chhattisgarh since 23/05 /2021. He is an OBC cadre from Haryana and has some valuable tips to share with other aspirants looking to ace the Civil Service Exam.

Making notes during exam preparation is beneficial to track progress and aid revision. Using records for topics helps to add remarks to questions easily, especially for current affairs.

img 20220530 wa0066

51. Akshay Pillay

Akshay graduated from Rajkumar College, Raipur before pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree at NIT, Raipur. As his parents were bureaucrats, Akshay had planned to begin preparation for the UPSC exams early on. After finishing his studies in 2017, Akshay immediately began to focus on his UPSC preparation. Mr. Pillay was driven to success from the outset due to the support of his family, including his mother, Renu Pillay, who currently serves as Additional Chief Secretary for Technical Education at the Chhattisgarh Government. His father, Sanjay Pillay, is an IPS officer and currently holds the role of ADGP in Chhattisgarh Police.

Hard work, parental and sibling support, and tips to the media led to improved preparation and successful results. Be familiar with syllabus and question paper pattern, assess strengths and weaknesses, choose optional carefully, and revise for UPSC success. He emphasized that working 14-15 hours a day puts too much strain on individuals and is not the appropriate approach to take.

IMG 3681

52. Nishant Jain

Nishant Jain, one of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) toppers, holds a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Hindi Literature from Delhi University. At 33 years old, Jain previously passed the IAS examination at 28, showcasing that age is no barrier for success. Currently he is working as joint secretary for the Finance (Taxation) Department of the Rajasthan government.

Presenting himself as an example, he encouraged the aspirants to maintain a level of confidence. He noted that he had chosen Hindi as his medium and was rewarded with a good rank. Furthermore, he noted that preparation materials were readily available and suggested that one should focus and develop a practical strategy for preparation. He concluded his remarks by emphasizing that the UPSC judges knowledge and personality rather than the medium of presentation.

IAS Krati Raj Study Schedule

53. Krati Raj

IAS officer Kriti Raj (IAS Krati Raj) is a resident of Jhansi. By getting success in the UPSC exam, he had brought laurels not only to Jhansi but to the entire state. Kriti has passed 12th class from Jhansi’s Jai Academy. Apart from this, he has done B.Tech in Computer Science from Jhansi itself. Kriti did not do a job after completing her B.Tech, she wanted to do something at the grassroots level, for which she started an NGO. Through which she worked for the welfare of women and children and then made up her mind to prepare for UPSC so that she could help more and more people. Kriti Raj took the help of self study to get success in UPSC exam. He secured 106th rank in UPSC 2020 exam.

Kriti started preparing for the Civil Services Examination in the year 2019 from the month of July. In the initial 8-10 months, he studied for 8 to 10 hours every day, after that he changed his strategy and increased the focus on current affairs. After which he got success in the UPSC exam in his first attempt.

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54. Preeti Hooda

Since childhood, Preeti has been an academic standout, scoring 77% in her class 10 examination and 87% in her class 12 exam. Despite her family’s financial struggles, Preeti persevered and pursued higher education at Laxmi Bai College in Delhi, where she graduated with a degree in Hindi. She then took her studies further by earning a Ph.D. in Hindi from the esteemed Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Preeti, advised Civil Services aspirants to remain cool and calm during their preparation days. She further suggested that it is important for the candidates to find ways to entertain themselves in order to keep their spirits high, but should not let it come in the way of their goal of achieving success in the examination. Preeti also shared her tips on how she managed to remain focused and motivated during her intense preparation period.

IAS Arjun Gowda smiling

55. Arjun Gowda

On May 9, 1992, Arjun Gowda was born in a small village in Karnataka. Born to a middle-class family as Dr. Nagarjun D Gowda, his financial situation meant he had to develop a resilience for hard work early in life.

From an early age, Gowda was an able student and developed an ambition to become a government officer – an ambition that he achieved after finishing his schooling from a community private school in his hometown and then graduating with a MBBS degree in 2016. He later went on to successfully pass the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examination.

Dr Arjun advises aspirants to pick a job that allows them enough time to prepare and to use the time they have wisely. Dr Arjun emphasizes the importance of discipline and a workable schedule for success in an examination, and uses his break hours at work to revise and go through current affairs material. Solving test series helps evaluate proficiency; analyzing mistakes is also necessary.


56. Prateek Jain

In 2016, Prateek Jain from Delhi had an impressive performance in the Union Public Service Commission Examinations (UPSC), ranking 82nd overall in India. Born and raised in Delhi, Prateek had familial support from his older brother – an IRS officer. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati in 2013 with a degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Prateek overcame any doubts of self-doubt to prove himself capable of achieving his goals.

To ensure success, aspiring candidates must focus on developing presentation skills and ensuring that their answers are organized and concise. Working on presentation skills will help candidates stand out from the competition, increasing their chances of passing the exam with flying colors.

893309 nitin shakya 5

57. Nitin Shakya

Dr. Nitin Shakya is a renowned allopathic professional, specializing in critical care medicine and emergency management. He obtained his MBBS and MD degrees from the esteemed Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, gaining admission to the college after achieving a high rank in the pre-medical examination following his education at the Kendriya Vidyalaya in Janakpuri.

With a newfound sense of resolve, Nitin promised his mother that he would score well in the examinations. As fate would have it, he achieved success and became a medical practitioner. Determined to reach higher heights in life, he eventually succeeded in clearing the UPSC exams.

Nitin had said in another interview, 'To get success in UPSC, you need to work hard continuously. If you fail here, rectify the mistakes and do the next attempt in a better way. Also, never be in a misunderstanding during the preparation. Nitin Shakya says that you have to face the challenges here and keep moving forward.

images 2

58. Lakshay Pandey

IPS Lakshay Pandey is a successful IPS officer who has achieved great success in his career. He completed his schooling from Vanyan Tree School located at Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India and further pursued his B Tech from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University located in New Delhi India.

To ensure success, aspiring candidates must focus on developing presentation skills and ensuring that their answers are organized and concise. Working on presentation skills will help candidates stand out from the competition, increasing their chances of passing the exam with flying colors.

59. Utsav Anand

Utsav Anand has achieved remarkable success in the 2021 UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination, securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 26. This exemplary accomplishment provides aspirants with a well-earned source of inspiration from which to strategize their own preparation for the exam.

60. Saurav Pandey

Saurabh is mainly a resident of Banaras. He graduated from BITS Pilani and after that started working. Earlier also he had thought of UPSC but being busy with job and new life, he forgot this idea for some time. Shortly after the job, he thought of going back towards his goal and started preparing. In 2014, he gave his first attempt. At this time his preparation was only for three months and it was natural that the selection was not to be done.

Saurabh pandey, staying with positive-minded people is essential to success in the field. He suggests that having a backup plan ready is also important, as it can help provide motivation in difficult moments. Mr Saurabh pandey, believes that only those with a positive outlook and mindset can truly fight and succeed in this highly competitive field.


61. Mittali Sethi

Originally hailing from Jalandhar, Punjab, Mittali Sethi completed her 12th grade in the same city. Subsequently, she pursued her Bachelor of Design Arts degree in Amritsar and concluded her post-graduation in Chennai. The experience of relocating to a completely different environment was a catalyst for her to witness and appreciate the distinct culture of Tamil Nadu, particularly with regards to gender equality. Her journey away from home granted her an immense appreciation of the fact that no one is superior or inferior to another.

Spend time on books, but also spend time thinking and framing your own questions. Ask yourself one question per day and find the answer by the end of the day. This keeps you emotionally engaged in your preparation.

Untitled design 5 7 1

62. Shri. S. Baliyan

Shri. S. Baliyan, Founder-Director of the esteemed UPSC Preparation faculty, is renowned for his expertise in the fields of History and Art and Culture. His lectures and guidance have contributed to the success of countless IAS toppers and have established him as one of the most successful and reputed professionals in his field. His book A Compendium of Indian Art & Culture has been published by Oxford Press.

Aspirants should create a daily routine and divide it into three parts, one devoted to current affairs and two devoted to general studies. PDF readers are becoming more common and diary writing is an effective hobby to help with preparation for aspirants; listening to and reading positive thoughts and talks online can also help motivate them.

Anjali Birla Image 63 07 01 2021

63. Anjali Birla

Anjali Birla, the youngest daughter of the Honorable Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Mr. Om Birla, is an IAS officer who graduated from Ramjas College, Delhi University with a degree in Political Science (Honours) in 2018. At only 23 years old, she secured a rank of 67 in her first attempt at the exam and chose not to reappear for it. Prior to her university studies, Anjali attended Sophia School in Kota and achieved distinction upon completion of her 12th grade in the Arts stream.

Creating a structured schedule and diligently sticking to it is essential while preparing for competitive exams. Allocate appropriate time towards strengthening general awareness and knowledge of current affairs, completing your course syllabus, as well as revising it several times before appearing for the preliminary exams. Additionally, ensuring that one has a bank of expected questions for the final interview is necessary in order to be well-prepared. Further, constructing one's own set of detailed notes containing data points, reports and studies which can support one's answers could prove to be instrumental during the mains.

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64. Saumya Sharma

Saumya Sharma, an IAS officer from Delhi, has become an inspirational figure for civil service aspirants, having overcome obstacles such as hearing loss to pass the UPSC exam.

The story of 2017 batch IAS Saumya Sharma is an inspirational one, demonstrating the power of perseverance in the face of adversity. At just 16 years old, Saumya Sharma had lost 90 to 95 percent of her hearing ability. In spite of this personal challenge, she was able to appear for the UPSC examination and achieved All India Rank 9 in her first attempt in 2017, providing hope and inspiration to countless people around the world.

Time management is essential for successful preparation and exams. Focusing on one topic at a time with set targets provides control. To master time management in the exam hall, solving online test series helps.

Deepak Rawat In His Office

65. Deepak Rawat

Deepak Rawat, born on 24 September 1977 in Barlowganj, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, completed his schooling at St George’s College, Mussoorie. He then moved on to achieve a graduation from Hansraj College, Delhi University, and post-graduation in political science and MPhil from Jawahar Lal Nehru University.

IAS clinchers attribute their success to hard work, dedication, and support from family, friends, and coaches. It is essential to be familiar with the UPSC Prelims and Mains Syllabus to achieve a good grade on the exam and ensure all topics are given equal attention.

images 3

66. Saad Miyan Khan

Saad Miyan Khan achieved a remarkable 25th rank in an examination, putting him at the pinnacle among his peers. Hailing from Bijnor, Saad is a B.Tech graduate of HBTI Kanpur, where he met and became friends with Vishal Mishra in 2007. The two went on to complete their civil engineering degrees the following year. They then encountered Gaurav in Delhi while preparing for the Civil Services.

Vishal pursued his MTech at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, after completing his BTech, while Saad began planning for the same. Despite being separated geographically, the two maintained contact. Meanwhile, Gaurav Kumar attained his BE Hons in Mechanical Engineering from the PEC University of Technology in Chandigarh. Subsequently, he relocated to Delhi to start preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

He told that he had prepared for the exam by staying at home. Daily used to study for more than 8 hours. He told that students should have a good hold on current affairs. This is also necessary for success. He said that during the preparation of UPSC, parents' support was received. Only then have you got success. He said that his parents have always supported him.

67. Ansar Shaikh

At 21 years of age, Ansar Shaikh has made history by achieving success in the UPSC Exam. His accomplishment has earned him a ranking among All India Rank, making him the youngest IAS officer to do so. His childhood journey has been a battle, but the determined Shaikh never gave up on his goal of forging a new path that ultimately led to this tremendous achievement.

Prior to starting preparation for the UPSC examination, it is essential to understand it in detail in order to make an effective plan. Gathering knowledge about the exam, its various sections and the type of queries asked in the exam are key components that can help one acquire good marks.


68. Shruti Vinod Shrikhande

Shruti Vinod Shrikhande, a law student at the ILS Law College in Pune and alumnus of the Army Public School in Pune, has been named the national topper among girls. She is the daughter of Brigadier Vinod Shrikhande.

A preparation strategy based on self-analysis, preference and interest is essential for IAS preparation, and setting content-based targets is key to success. She emphasized that output from study is more important than hours spent studying and suggested taking breaks to balance oneself. She also enjoys time with friends and is present on social media.

69. Shubham Kumar

Shubham Kumar, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, was born on 14 February 1997 in Kumhari Kadwa village of Bihar’s Katihar district. In 2020, he achieved All India Rank 1 in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination.

Shubham Kumar suggests focusing on one's optional subject and avoiding new study materials during revision for strong scores, and recommends staying up-to-date on current affairs for environment and science subjects.

70. Jagriti Awasthi

Jagriti Awasthi IAS, a graduate of electrical engineering, achieved the 41st all-India ranking in the 2016 Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering examination.

She stressed the importance of being aware of the syllabus and understanding what kind of questions are asked in the exam. By doing this, it will help the candidate to be more prepared for the IAS exam.

Gamini Singla sporting a western outfit

71. Gamini Singla

Gamini Singla, a student from Punjab Engineering College, achieved the third position in the nationwide UPSC Examination on her second attempt, out of thousands of applicants.

She suggested that not to underestimate yourself and believe in your potential. She also suggested focusing on the basics and revising whatever you study. Lastly, she suggested not to give up and keep persevering till you achieve your goal.

Preetam Kumar UPSC 950x500 1

72. Preetam Kumar

Preetam Kumar achieved an impressive feat, securing All India Rank 9 in the 2021 UPSC Civil Services Examination. He had previously reached the interview stage of the exam on two occasions, yet was unsuccessful in clearing the notoriously difficult test. An IAS from Sikar, Rajasthan, Preetam Kumar hails from a family whose breadwinner is employed by the Rajasthan state government as an LDC (Lower Divisional Clerk). Preetam Kumar graduated from IIT Ropar with a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, after having attended school in Rajasthan prior to transferring. Shortly after his graduation, Kumar began preparing for the Civil Services Examination.

Preetam spent hours studying, focusing on mathematics and achieving great results, but unfortunately failed the test on two prior attempts. Persistence and hard work are essential for UPSC candidates to succeed in their endeavors.


73. Shashwat Tripurari

Shashwat Tripurari from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, secured an all-India rank of 19 in UPSC Civil Services Examination 2020. Shashwat is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and passed out from the institute in 2018. He immediately started his preparation. This was his second attempt at the UPSC Examination. Previously, he had cracked UPSC Civil Services 2019 in his very first attempt with an all-India rank of 78. Currently, he is undergoing his IPS training at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

Shashwat Tripurari has provided a number of tips for those who are new to studying for the UPSC exam. It is important to take advantage of available resources, such as Google, and create a detailed study plan with objectives and time-bound goals that are achievable. Doing so can help aspiring students gain a better understanding of the material, despite the overwhelming amount of data from different disciplines.

Ishita rathi1

74. Ishita Rathi

Ishita Rathi, the 26-year-old daughter of a Delhi Police assistant sub-inspector and head constable pair, placed seventh in the civil services test 2021. Ms. Rathi reportedly prepared for the exam using online content. Her mother, ASI Meenakshi Rathi is assigned to the South-East District, while her father, Head Constable Iqbal Rathi is assigned to the Traffic Unit. The family resides in Delhis Village Chhatarpur.

Be confident, surround yourself with positive people, and reason rationally to pass UPSC exams.

Ankita aggarwal

75. Ankita Agarwal

Ankita Agarwal, an exemplary achiever, has made India proud by securing AIR 2 in the Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Examination 2022 in her third attempt. Prior to this, she served the Indian Revenue Services for two years, showcasing her remarkable dedication and commitment.

IAS Ankita Agarwal suggested taking notes on a computer due to the ease of organization. Furthermore, they proposed studying from sources and translating them into one's native language in order to facilitate revision and provide a beneficial amount of practice before exams.

aishwarya verma

76. Aishwarya Verma

Aishwarya Verma, a successful UPSC candidate, is an inspirational figure for all individuals undertaking the UPSC exam. Mr. Verma is from a middle-class background; his father works in the banking sector. Despite the failures he experienced along the way, Mr. Verma affirmed that those experiences never undermined his confidence nor did they lead him to contemplate alternative choices. Aishwarya Verma holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from Uttarakhand Pantnagar University of Agriculture and Technology, which he obtained in 2017.

Aishwarya Verma advises that perseverance and an effective study plan are necessary for achieving desired scores, and recommends against studying excessively. Aishwarya suggested that setting short and long-term goals is important in order to stay on top of a large program of study.

Harkeerat Singh Randhawa 2

77. Harkeerat Singh Randhawa

Harkeerat Singh Randhawa was born in the Punjabi city of Kapurthala. His parents, a scientist and a retired government employee, have been his biggest source of inspiration since childhood. At the age of 17, Mr. Randhawa decided to join India’s Foreign Service and began his formal education at Sanskriti School in Delhi before transferring to St. Stephen’s College to obtain a degree in history with honors. Following this, he began preparing for the Civil Services Examination but was unsuccessful at passing the preliminary exam on his initial try in 2012.

Emotional stability is essential to achieve a balance between preparation and other aspects of life during exam periods. “Do not give up after failure. If you feel like giving up, ask yourself whether this is actually your dream, or not? Because if it is, you will want to keep on trying till you have achieved it.”

UPSC Result Mungers Anshu Priya

78. Anshu Priya

Anshu Priya from Munger, Bihar has achieved a remarkable feat, securing an All India Rank 16 in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021. This accomplishment continues the tradition of students from Bihar qualifying for the esteemed IAS examination yearly.

Anshu Priya, an expert on the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Exam, recommends developing a tailored preparation strategy for the exam. She also encourages students to familiarize themselves with the syllabus and exam pattern, as well as set both short-term and long-term goals for success.

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79. Naman Singla

Naman Singla, 23, is a resident of Professor Colony in the city of Patiala. He has chosen International Affairs as his optional subject for the UPSC Mains exam. For more information on important topics related to International Relations in General Studies 2, please refer to the link provided. While he dreams of joiningIFS Indian Foreign Service, he has received advice from his peers and family members to pursue IAS instead.

Regularly reading and taking notes on current affairs is important, and allocating time for revision helps to retain information. Naman didn't believe in long hours of study, and instead followed journals to stay informed on international affairs.Naman promotes the use of phones as a study tool, but advises to use them wisely and not be distracted.

diksha edited

80. Diksha Joshi

Diksha Joshi, a native of Siloni village in Munakot block of Pithoragarh district, Uttarakhand, is supported by her family throughout her journey towards the UPSC. Her father Suresh Joshi is the state spokesperson of the Uttarakhand BJP and her mother Geeta Joshi is a homemaker.

Diksha relied on self-study for her exam, studying for 7-8 hours a day and setting daily, weekly, and monthly targets to stay on track. She believes consistency is key when preparing for the civil services exam and suggests target-wise preparation for each stage.

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81. Saksham Goel

Saksham Goel completed his schooling from the prestigious St Conrad’s School in Agra, successfully passing the 10th exam in 2015. Following this, he moved to Delhi to attend Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj for 12th grade. He then pursued a degree in Economics and Political Science from St Stephen’s College, selecting Political Science as an optional subject. During his studies, Goel was accepted for a summer internship at Harvard University in the United States. He also began preparing for civil service exams while still enrolled in college, crafting his own strategy and attending lectures by successful bureaucrats who were alumni of Stephen’s College.

Saksham advises aspirants to have a strategy and time-table for success and warns against exhausting themselves too early in preparation for the exam, as it is a marathon, not a sprint.

upsc 2021 rank 20 arpit chauhan

81. Arpit Chauhan

Arpit recently achieved his childhood dream of becoming an IAS Officer, after securing an AIR 20 rank in his third attempt at the Prelims of the UPSC 2020 exams. His hard work and dedication paid off, despite not being successful in his first attempt, where he secured an AIR 297 rank. Arpit has now been selected for the Indian Administrative Services.

IAS Arpit highlighted the importance of carefully examining the UPSC Syllabus in order to divide it into manageable targets for each month, week, and day. Additionally, he underscored the need for multiple revisions of the syllabus and practicing answer writing for mains.

upsc 29 1653976986 1

82. Bhavishya Desai

Rajasthan’s Bhavishya Desai achieved remarkable success with an All-India Rank of 29 in the UPSC CSE 2021 results, published yesterday. Desai embarked on a journey of becoming an Indian Civil Servant when he chose to reject the high-paying corporate future offered by a stock market firm at a reportedly Rs 55 lakh salary package.

The Ajmer native set his sights on this coveted job during his college years and took a huge risk in leaving such a remunerative position yet left no stone unturned.

The UPSC preparation was 4 years long and included studying NCERTs, having a weekly timetable and strategy, and regularly reading the news for current affairs. Extra effort was put into mains answer structure. He joined online mock tests and was meticulous with study materials, making notes and revising often. He also sought guidance from senior teachers and mentors.

Bhullar UPSC CSE 1653984055363 1653984070438

83. Jaspinder Singh

Jaspinder Singh Bhullar, a 26-year-old Muktsar-based native of Bhullar village, has achieved his childhood dream of clearing the Civil Services Examination (CSE) after securing 33rd rank in the exam. The UPSC released the results of CSE 2021 on Monday. Mr. Bhullar credits his success to his consistent efforts and self-confidence, having secured the rank in his second attempt where he chose Law as his optional subject for CSE mains .Upon joining the bureaucracy, Mr. Bhullar is keen on working for the development of rural areas.

Jaspinder emphasizes the importance of consistency, preparation, self-confidence, and revision for success. Take mock practice tests for prelims and mains to gain confidence and experience.

dileep k kainikkara

84. Dilip K Kainikkara

Malayali native Dilip K Kainikkara, ranked 21st in the civil services exam, emerged as the top performer among his peers. Having left a lucrative job at Samsung Company in Korea in 2018 to pursue his dream, Dilip redoubled his efforts and persevered despite the questioning of choices by many. His dedication and hard work eventually paid off with his successful results.

Dilip K Kainikkara suggested using topper copies to prepare for the UPSC exam in order to gain a better understanding of the exam pattern and successful candidates' preparation, as well as providing important practice questions and exam strategies.

5231474SUNIL DHANWANTA 815872 AIR 662

85. Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar Dhanwanta is an exemplary IAS Officer who has achieved the remarkable feat of clearing the UPSC exam four times and has secured an All-India Rank of 22 in his last attempt. His perseverance and dedication to excellence have been an inspiration to many aspiring civil servants. He is a true role model for all IAS aspirants.

Sunil emphasized the importance of dedication and consistency for successful UPSC exam preparation, suggesting a daily study schedule and noting that the exam tests not only intellect but also patience, mental strength, and emotions. He encouraged aspirants to stay consistent and enjoy the journey.


86. Kushal Jain

Kushal Jain, from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, had experienced failure three times after reaching the interview stage of the UPSC exam. After exhibiting immense patience and dedication over the past four years, his fourth attempt was successful; Kushal achieved a top ranking of 40.

Prior to UPSC preparation, Kushal was a professional engineer employed by Microsoft. Although he earned a good wage in the private sector, he chose to pursue civil service as his career path.

Kushal, a successful candidate, advises other applicants to consult with those who have already attained success, as well as creating a weekly timetable for studies and taking mock tests to be better prepared. He is currently celebrating his success with family at home and eagerly awaiting the commencement of training.

WhatsApp Image 2022 06 11 at 8.39.20 AM 1

87. Abhinav J Jain

Abhinav J Jain is an outstanding achiever, securing an All India Rank of 14 in the UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination 2021. He is an ambitious and passionate individual who possesses a wide range of skills and qualities required to excel in the highly competitive and challenging IAS examinations.

IAS Abhinav Jain has stressed the importance of answer writing for students, highlighting its ability to showcase aptitude in a particular subject. He further mentioned the necessity of organizing content in a logical trem which can help students provide comprehensive responses that cover all relevant information. It is thus essential for students to learn how to structure their answers accurately.

download 38

88. Yash Jaluka

Yash Jaluka, a resident of Jharia, Jharkhand, achieved a remarkable feat by attaining the All India Rank 4 in the UPSC Examination 2020. His outstanding performance in this highly competitive examination.

Yash suggested taking detailed notes on each topic, as well as researching its historical background, and recommended a single book for each subject. For those preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations, here is a list of essential books and sources Yash suggested for both Prelims and Mains preparation.

  1. R.S Sharma’s Old NCERT for Ancient History
  2. Class XI & XII NCERT 
  3. History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra
  4. A.L Basham – The Wonder that was India (for Buddhism and Jainism)
  5. Indian Polity by Laxmikanth
  6. How India sees the World by Shyam Saran (for static International Relations information)
377343 10

89. Abhijit Ray

Mr. Abhijit has reflected on his journey from preparation to becoming a top-ranking candidate in the 2021 UPSC Exam. He has discussed the challenges he has faced along the way, the motivation from family, friends, and colleagues that allowed him to reach his goals, and how he has managed responsibilities, emotions, and expected social pressures.

Abhijit Ray has shared his inspiring journey to aspiring IAS officers, emphasizing the power of a strong support system and unwavering tenacity, stability, inspiration, and motivation. His words of wisdom are sure to provide invaluable guidance for those looking to follow in his footsteps.

download 40

90. Sanjana Simha

Sanjana Simha, a 27-year-old from Hyderabad, has achieved an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 37 in the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Income Tax exam. Currently undergoing training as an Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, Simha was also successful in qualifying for IRS last year. She was supported by her husband, Harsha, who acted as a mentor at a UPSC training institute.

Speaking on her preparation, she said, “I made a few changes in my technique. I had easily cleared prelims. In mains, I made my answers more legible, by using the right keywords, underlining them, drawing a lot of diagrams, using a lot of statistics, so I ensured that answers were specific.”

upsc air7 ganesh

91. Ganesh Kumar Baskar

Ganesh Kumar Baskar has accomplished a remarkable feat in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams, obtaining an impressive 7th rank. Even more extraordinary is the fact that he achieved such a high score entirely from home.

Ganesh recommends understanding the exam requirements and syllabus before beginning to study, in order to gain an understanding of what is expected for the exam.

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92. Mantri Mourya Bharadwaj

Mantri Mourya Bharadwaj hails from Narsipatnam, Anakapalle district. His father, Satya Prasad is a headmaster at a government school and his mother, Radha Kumar is a pharmacist in a government hospital. Mantri’s brother is a surgeon at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). After graduating from the Electronics and Communication Engineering department of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal in 2014, he worked for two years at a multinational corporation (MNC). In 2016, he resigned to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a civil servant and began preparing for civil service examinations.

He started preparing for the IAS exam four years ago by studying NCERTs and kept up-to-date with current affairs by reading the newspaper. He also joined online mock test series for prelims and mains. He was organized and dedicated to his studies, making his own notes and learning from mentors to improve his performance.


93. Dhatri Reddy

IPS P Dhatri Reddy’s unyielding commitment to her endeavors has culminated in an all-India rank of 46 in the 2019 Civil Services Examination, a benchmark that is the highest for both Telugu-speaking states. Her success in her first attempt is an inspirational tale highlighting the power of dedication and hard work. Reddy is elated to have achieved a double-digit rank and cleared the Indian Administrative Services Examination, which will undoubtedly serve as motivation for many.

Dhatri Reddy said Making notes is an essential part of preparing for any kind of test. Start by creating digital notes in Evernote and short notes on hardcopy for revision. When going through standard books, read them thoroughly first before making any notes. Make the primary and most important points stand out by highlighting them during the first reading, then make detailed notes during the second or third readingTry to hold on to thinkers, and examples and keep cross-checking with old paper questions to make sure that you are reading the right things.

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94. Mona Pruthi

Mona Pruthi successfully passed the UPSC Civil Services exam in 2005, after three attempts. She is a 2005 batch IAS officer of the Haryana cadre, and attended Apeejay Public School for her schooling in Faridabad, Haryana. Ms. Pruthi topped her college B.A (Eng) honors course, then went on to complete her Master’s and M. Phil. in English Literature from Delhi University. As the youngest of three siblings, she has two elder sisters who are both married and working as lecturers in Gurgaon and Delhi.

Eat healthy food, sleep well (neither less than 6 hours nor more than 8 hours), meditate for at least 15 minutes everyday. Five to six hours of devoted study is enough. Tests are not just to check your progress but to give you that extra push to prepare and perform. So, prepare well before each and every test as you are supposed to do for your final exams. Revise, revise and revise everything you are studying, because unless you will not revise all your study will go waste. Keep a 40:60 ratio of time allotment for new readings and revisions.

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95. Jeydev C.S

Jeydev C.S. from Bengaluru achieved the highest rank in the state of Karnataka for the UPSC CSE 2019, earning an All India Rank 5 at the young age of 26. His impressive accomplishment has made his family and state proud and has cemented his place as an inspiration for aspiring civil servants across India.

Jeydev suggests that candidates should be well-versed in the topics outlined in the UPSC syllabus, with an emphasis on thoroughly reviewing NCERT books of classes X and XII. Additionally, Jeydev offers three tips to help individuals prepare for the IAS exam: staying up to date with current events through daily news coverage; taking mock tests and using mistakes as learning opportunities; and reviewing previous years' question papers of the UPSC and creating answers.

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96. Sheena Aggarwal

Hailing from a rural area of Haryana, where women are often denied access to education, Sheena’s accomplishment as an IAS officer is remarkable. Her success serves as proof that when one has the ambition to achieve something, they can do so with the right drive. In the last decade, MBBS graduates have been among the top 200 IAS exam candidates five times – with Dr. Sheena Agarwal coming in first place in 2011.

Even now she will be working 20 hours a day as an officer. On a serious note, good sleep is very necessary to prepare well for this exam. It keeps you in good health. Don’t study beyond 14 hours unless you suffer from Insomnia. Calm down. If you have left your job, as a punishment you should devote these many hours. Didn’t you work 12 hours for your company? Anyway, every day at least 8 hours of planned study is required. If you can study more than that, it is well and good. But please ensure that you also get 6-8 hours of sound sleep.

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97. Dr. Raja Shekhar Vundru

Dr. Raja Sekhar Vundru is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer from the 1990 batch of Haryana. He is currently serving as the Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Haryana’s Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department. He has recently been promoted to Chief Secretary grade and has been posted as the Chief Secretary to the Government of Haryana.

Dr. Sekhar, a renowned IAS Officer, recently shared some tips for UPSC preparation. According to him, the three stages of the UPSC exam are the beauty of the exam as it tests a candidate's patience as well as their abilities to practice with sample papers and do hard work. He advised aspirants to create a study plan and stick to it, and also to practice mock tests regularly.

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98. Mehak Jain

Mehak Jain, a 24-year-old resident of Faridabad, has achieved the 17th rank in the All-India Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

She suggests that students should Practice your responses to these types of questions. This will help you get comfortable with answering them in the real examination.Additionally, it is important to go through past years' question papers to get an idea of the pattern of questions and the topics that are asked.

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99. Ravi Kumar Sihag

Ravi Kumar Sihag, born in 1995 Rajasthan, achieved 18th rank in UPSC 2021 exams via Hindi medium after his first attempt in 2018, where he secured 337th rank.

Ravi Kumar Sihag emphasizes the importance of focus, dedication, NCERT books, current affairs, mock tests, previous year question papers, a good sleep and diet, and a positive attitude for success.