Do you have a badminton goal that is worth pursuing? If so, then our best badminton academy in chandigarh is perfect for you. Our goal is to help make your badminton dreams possible by providing the training you need to achieve your goals.

About Badminton

Badminton commonly referred to as Shuttlecock, is an ancient game with its roots around 2100 years ago, in different parts of Europe and Asia. Badminton was played by the upper classes from England as a leisure activity and the game was played through hitting the shuttlecock forward and reverse. Similar rules to the modern game of Badminton were created in 1893. The modern sport was popularized in England.

Badminton is also known as shuttlecock or battledore. It is played with the sides of the string, which is suspended about five feet above the ground. It tests the player’s endurance, agility, and motor coordination.

The Game Is Played In Different Ways

The aim of badminton is identical to those of other racket games. The game is played in three different ways: singles, doubles, or mixed doubles. The shuttlecock is shot by a rimmed metal wired racket through the net referred to as serving for the player(s) located on the opposite end of the court, who attempt to return it.

Every player attempts to get the shuttle cock onto the opposing team as well as intercept them on the side. The cock needs to go across the net before reaching the opposite side after the player has hit it. The shuttlecock is volleyed by players to form an edifice, and then they hit it with rackets until it hits the court, or until one of the players makes an error.

The player is awarded points if the other player fails to hit the shuttle. These strikes can be smashed or sluggish and light or low and flat.

Best Badminton Academy In Chandigarh

Badminton Academy in Chandigarh
Badminton Academy in Chandigarh

You may be looking for a way to get involved in badminton or you may want to take your game to the next level. Either way, joining our best badminton academy in chandigarh is the perfect way to get started.

  • By joining our listed academy offers many benefits. One of these benefits is that our selected ones offer discounts on lessons, equipment, and more.
  • They also offer after-school training sessions for children aged between 6-14 years old who are interested in playing badminton. They have even got a summer camp program designed specifically for kids interested in learning badminton.
  • They also have an indoor court so you can practice all year round, rain or shine! If you’re interested in getting involved with the best badminton academy in chandigarh, then contact us today!

Experienced & Qualified Coaching Staff

  • Our coaching staff is experienced in teaching badminton techniques, drills, and games to students of all ages.
  • Our coaches are qualified with the Federation Internationale de Badminton (FIB) qualification.

Our Selected Ones Offer a Variety of Badminton Programs

We have a program for every level, from beginners to seasoned professionals. We also offer programs for specific goals, like improving your fitness or getting ready for a tournament.

There is no one-size-fits-all badminton academy. We will create a program that matches your needs and goals.

Wide Range Of Badminton Equipment & Techniques

Our listed badminton academy in chandigarh is the perfect place for you to improve your badminton skills. We have a wide range of badminton equipment and techniques that will help you accomplish your goals.

The most common badminton attire is lightweight, comfortable clothing made of woven nylon or synthetic fibers. While there are no special requirements, some players prefer to wear long pants, sleeves, and closed-toe shoes for safety.

They have got all the apparel you need to make sure your game is on point. Our chandigarh badminton academy also offer lessons on high-quality badminton equipment like rackets and shuttlecocks that can help you play better.

Benefits of Joining Our Listed Badminton Academy in Chandigarh

  • 1. Help you achieve your badminton goals
  • 2. Improve your performance
  • 3. Provide the training you need to master badminton skills
  • 4. Improve your self-confidence
  • 5. Improve your agility, muscle strength, and power
  • 6. Increase your stamina

Why Choose Our Selected Badminton Academy In Chandigarh

1. You’ll get Professional Coaching:

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, coaching is an important aspect of any badminton academy – and we pride ourselves on providing the best. Our coaches are knowledgeable and skilled, and they work with all members to help them improve their game.

2. You’ll Learn How To Play Like The Pros:

Learning from the best is what will help you grow into a champion. Our instructors have years of experience under their belts – some even played professionally! They know what it takes to succeed in badminton and will teach you everything you need to know about the game.

3. They have A Team Of Highly Qualified Coaches:

Our listed ones have a team of both male and female badminton players who have excellent skills in both playing and teaching the game. Our listed chandigarh badminton academy also has a team of physical education teachers who will help your kids develop skills in other sports as well!

4. It’s Never Too Late To Start Playing:

People of all ages can join our academy at any time! Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, our coaches can help you reach your goals by providing world-class training sessions that are tailored specifically for your needs!